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Would you be opposed to Pokemon with 4 forms aka 3 evolutions?

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User Info: Davimus518

4 years ago#11
This isn't a fourth form, but I would like to see an evolution of Primeape.

User Info: Silent_Snake666

4 years ago#12
Davimus518 posted...
TheCorruptAngel posted...
I wouldn't want this, but I WOULD like more Pokémon with split evolutions, à la Snorunt, Kirlia, Burmy, etc. I like the concept of split evolutions but wish they were done more, and even that they would have split evolutions that evolve a second time.

So like a tree of evolutions? Sounds interesting.

An example would be a base Pokemon named Gravelmauth, Bug

Gravelmauth could evolve into two directions depending on the item you give to it, one item may evolve it into Gravelmore Bug/Ground and the other item may evolve it into Gravelmode Bug/Rock.
After those evolutions are complete Gravelmore and Gravelmode each have a split evolution. These work on how happy your Pokemon are, so if it's happy it evolves one way, if it's unhappy it will evolve another way. Example, Gravelmore can turn into Graveljoy Ground/Fairy or Gravelsad Ground/Dark while Gravelmode can evolve into Gravelstart Rock/Psychic or Gravelselect Rock/Steel. This is a neat concept, I like this.

The tree idea works well. They use a similar system in ni no kuni but you can ony choose the final split.
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User Info: TheCorruptAngel

4 years ago#13
I actually wasn't suggesting a tree evolution style, just that after they evolve into a split evolution they evolve a second time, ex. Frosslass evoles into, say, Iciqueen and Glalie evoles into Galactice. The only Pokémon that does this is Wurmple.

But the tree idea thing sounds neat, so I'll pretend like that's what I meant and go with that. It actually sounds pretty cool, and I think it would work well both for future Pokémon and even current ones. Imagine having a further split evolution for Slowbro or Mothim/Wormadam., which I think really need one.
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  3. Would you be opposed to Pokemon with 4 forms aka 3 evolutions?

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