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Pokemon you like for silly reasons?

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User Info: Roobitysu

4 years ago#21
I tend to get attached to Pokemon who I think the fanbase as a whole dislike for objectively stupid reasons i.e. any Pokemon that isn't a dragon, dinosaur, or furry-bait. I draw lolis :D

User Info: elconoM

4 years ago#22
Heal Order Smeargle. Them fleas.
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User Info: FrauMann1

4 years ago#23
Maractus because of it's sound.
Stunfisk and Stunky/Skuntank because I am immature.
By reading the above post, the following side effects may occur...
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User Info: PMDWarrior

4 years ago#24
mewtwo because it was the original and best endgame legendary

User Info: Jessameson

4 years ago#25

Honchkrow- I love saying its name.

Eevee- I already liked it but then a girl named Eevee talked to me and it became one of my favorites.

Banette- My mind connected it to Toy Story.

Sharpedo- Someone I was battling on wifi used one while the movie Sharknado was on my tv.

Audino- I was running through some grass with a Mienshao that I was training and suddenly an Audino popped up. I used high jump kick but missed and Mienshao was hurt. Then Audino was like "Let me help you out" and used heal pulse. I thought "Well that was kind." and decided to throw a normal poke ball. It caught the Audino on the first try. It was just so nice now I'm going to love it forever.

User Info: bretonftw

4 years ago#26
Jessameson posted...

Honchkrow- I love saying its name.

Ohhh yes indeed
I love Twilight and the Biebs and Fairies
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User Info: rainonparade

4 years ago#27
Surprised no one has said Cloyster.

User Info: X_Ayumi_X

4 years ago#28
rainonparade posted...
Surprised no one has said Cloyster.

I Like Cloyster for his little grin.
He's all like cocky.
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User Info: Jessameson

4 years ago#29
I forgot one.

Koffing- I dreamed it was singing to me.

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#30
Its face is so dippy. It's perfect.
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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