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'Canon' protagonist for B/W?

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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#31
Cedlow posted...
Gen.3 Brendan(Norman said he had a son in black and white 2)

"You went all out and earned that victory... You're a wonderful Trainer! I want my kid to learn from you."

"I lost to my own child... I rethought everything about myself, so now there is no way I can lose! I'll do everything in my power to win! You'd better give it your best shot, too!"

Yeah, I'm not seeing "son" anywhere, unless you're playing a version in a language that uses the same word for "child" and "son".
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User Info: -Chespear-

4 years ago#33
TheFairyTrainer posted...
I'd like to think Hilda for Black and White because honestly because I ship that with N. Although they'll probably just go with male because it's default and say he's searching for N because he admires his strength or something silly like that
In black and white 2, honestly I don't have much of a bias or preference, but from that trailer it seems like Nate was the main character(He had Emboar, and Goku had Samurott, while Rosa had Serperior :P)

Hi Weston :D.
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User Info: Dark_Link92

4 years ago#34
People using shipping as a reason to call Hilda the canon protagonist is just painful...
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