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Post your opinion of each region/gen.

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User Info: Skozi

4 years ago#1
Gen 1/Kanto: Loved it. Introduced me to pokemon. Had a lot of nice pokemon (even if some were a little unoriginal.) Made good use of HMs.

Gen 2/Jhoto: My favorite. Really unique and interestinng region. Had some decent plot. Ruins, bug catching contest, lake of rage, etc. were all very well done distactions from the sometimes repetative main game. Plus, my favorite pokemon. THAT SCIZOR!!!

Gen 3/ Hoenn: Good gen. Little to much water. Some pokemon designs were hit & miss. Flannery was a cool gym leader. Contests were hit and miss. Double battles are awesome. The teams were cool. Kyogre is beast.

Gen 4/Sinnoh: Not a big fan, I finished it, but I got bored of it quite often. The underground thing was TERRIBLY implemented. global trading is awesome. pokemon designs were VERY hit and miss. Pokeball seals were cool (and should be brought back.)

Gen 5/Unova: Really didn't care for this gen. Some pokemon designs were great, while others just plain sucked. seasons were cool. triple and rotation battles were stupid (don't even think I HAD a rotation battle in my first playthrough.) N was awesome. Kyurem was meh. the fighting dogs of justice were cool. F the pony.

Thats my opinion, now post yours!!!
(In this format if possible, for easier reading.)
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User Info: GATTJT

4 years ago#2
Gens 1-5: Amazing

User Info: nblasteroin

4 years ago#3
Another opportunity for people to bash on Gen 4
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User Info: Thaxagoodname

4 years ago#4
nblasteroin posted...
Another opportunity for people to bash on Gen 4


User Info: Skozi

4 years ago#5
Thaxagoodname posted...
nblasteroin posted...
Another opportunity for people to bash on Gen 4


Or, you know...people could post their damn opinions and stop being annoying. maybe.
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User Info: TheCorruptAngel

4 years ago#6
Why does every topic like this treat the region and gen as not mutually exclusive? For example, I loved Sinnoh but hated D/P themselves for reasons unrelated to the beautiful scenery. I'll give my opinions on the regions themselves:

Kanto - It's an okay region. I like the way it's designed to take you back to Pallet Town before you take on the final gym, and then that the final gym happens to be near the path to Victory Road. I particularly liked that the final gym was always visible but never accessible until the end, like some haunting/brooding manor that's spoken of but not often visited. As the first foray into the series, it was a great region which made use of everything in a nice, logical and progressive way, such as the HM areas. Despite all of this, it felt a little bit samey, with all of the cities and towns not having much to them other than their name and their gyms. For some reason a lot of the places here felt very port-like, especially Vermillion City, which is a given because it had that ship you go on.

Johto - This region was nice to look at. Very Japanese, which I appreciated. It suffered a little from the sameyness that Kanto suffered from, except instead of feeling either suburban or port-like the places felt more like 1940s Japan.

Hoenn - While I dislike the huge amounts of water in the game for gameplay reasons, the region itself is pretty awesome. The towns and cities all felt unique and were much more than just a name.

Sinnoh - My favourite region due to the large amount of snow, this region had the most unique overall appeal to me. For some reason the region also feels kind of bleak, though that's not related to the snow.

Unova - My favourite region for gameplay reasons, such as the lack of HM usage and ease of accessing everything. It felt very much like a series of big cities, and I really like that. Each city also has a totally unique feeling to them on their own, so in terms of individual uniqueness for the cities, this one is tied with Hoenn.
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#7
Gen 1: My personal least favorite gen. It didn't have that many good pokemon (Jynx... *Hiss*), the games were a glitchy mess, though I still enjoyed them, and Team Rocket almost felt like regular salesmen instead of villians. Also, the balance was HORRIBLE. Psychic was the owner of the gen 1 meatgem, Dragon was horrible, Ghost was nearly useless and the balance was borderline crap. Though, this isn't saying it is without its redeeming factors. While one half of the pokemon was crap, the other half has Cloyster and Snorlax. The games were fun, some of the glitches were fun to mess around with, Poison wasn't the worst f***ing type in the history of types, There wasn't a dark type, Mew is my favorite legendary ever, Dragonite is my favorite PSEUDO legend, RB wasn't a bad game, and it was still a good generation nonetheless. 8 out of ten Broken psychic types.
Gen 2: Gen 1 was the generation that made the torch, but Gen TWO lit the flame.Gen two threw away every problem with gen 1, while leaving behind a few others. For one, Gen 2 split the special stat into Sp. ATK and Sp. DEF.This buffed a few pokemon while nerfing a few. For example, snorlax had a HUGE boost in Sp. DEF. Gen 2 also had the biggest Before-post game gameplay. Having SIXTEEN badges instead of 8. The starters were at their best in this generation. I love all 3 of them so much. Typhlosion is my favorite starter of all time.It also introduced several new mechanics into the play. Genders, Breeding, Friendship, Two new types (One is amazing, but one is complete, utter, CRAP. I'll get to those later.), Held items, Two different characters (Only in crystal), Shiny pokemon, Non-generic pokeballs, The ability to see your Exp bar in battle, Entry hazards, So much more, so many new features, just so amazing. The steel type was an amazing type. A generation isn't without its flaws though. First off, there's the worst pokemon of all time, Qwilfish. Second off, the type I was talking about being crap wasn't steel. It's Dark. Not only does dark make ghost completely useless, but One future pokemon in gen 5 of this type is my second least favorite pokemon ever. Third, This was the most lackluster generation in terms of pokemon. Only 105 new pokemon? Why? Aside from these three flaws, Gen 2 is amazing. I give it ten shiny dragonites out of ten.
Putting gen 2 in this post would go over the character limit, so the next 2 or 3 will be in the next post.
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User Info: NegaZelda

4 years ago#8
Gen 1 - Got me started on this entire thing and had the best design of Jynx. Ideas for Pokemon were pretty cool and I don't see how they're "bland" tbh. Gym Leaders and E4 were all good and I don't actually dislike any of them. Also has my No.1 fave town in any Pokemon game: Lavender Town. Didn't like the rival at all though. There is cocky, and then there is Blue (Green). Little characterisation is also a bit of a sore point.

Gen 2 - Gotta say I wasn't a big fan of this. Level curve wasn't the greatest and I feel this is the Gen with the starters that I really don't want to choose any of. Gym Leaders were mostly bleh with the only ones I like being Whitney and Morty and Clair a little more than the rest. E4 was...well, you get the gist. Pokemon designs on the whole were okay, but did not beat Gen 1 imo. Tyranitar is the worst designed psuedo-legend imo. Team Rocket was better this Gen though and the Special split was appreciated.

Gen 3 (Hoenn) - Despite starting with Gen 1, this is the Gen I loved most. I adored the Hoenn region and really didn't mind the surfing at all and never understood why people hated it - I hate surfing to Seafoam Islands, but not to Sootopolis City. Gym Leaders were pretty much okay, though the E4 was a bit forgettable. Drake is the only major Dragon trainer I almost always forget the name of. Your Rival quitting at Lilycove was also a bit stingy since you never saw their starter's final form. Regardless, this gen has the best Pokemon designs to me - a lot of Pokemon that are in my top 20 are from Gen 3. Evil teams...yeah these guys were the worst imo. As much as I love Hoenn, I feel this was its major flaw.

Gen 4 (Sinnoh) - This gen is the middle-man in terms of how I grade the gens. On the one hand, this gen has my most favourite city and gym leader in any Pokemon game (Sunyshore & Volkner) as well as the best evil team imo and the physical/special split was very good. On the other, the Pokemon designs were really hit or miss, especially the ones later in the Sinnoh Dex (excluding Snover line) as well as the evos of older Pokemon. I also felt some of the legends didn't really need to be there. Finally, this feels like the most drawn out region, even in Platinum. It just takes forever for the story to get rolling and the routes felt longer and more obstacle filled than other gens.

Gen 5 - This gen feels lackluster to me. The Pokemon designs were...not my most favourite with, again, most of the later dex entries being not ones I liked (Vullaby line being the only exception I can think of) and the towns and cities were mostly boring, despite being much larger and having more things. They just felt uninteresting. I also wasn't a huge fan of "full-restart" since even Hoenn had some previous gen Pokemon thrown in. However, I felt the story was the best yet and N was a genuinely good character and Team Plasma in general beats Gen 3's teams. Rivals were about on par with previous gens, though Hugh was a little obnoxious and petty. PWT was a very good feature and was my sole reason for getting BW2 at first. Gym Leaders and E4 were hit or miss, much like the Pokemon. I liked Lenora, Elesa, Brycen, Shauntal and Grimsley but didn't really like the rest at all. Dream World is also a bit wobbly: a nice idea and a good way to explain new abilities and restricting their acquisition, but at the same time it's very repetitive and some haven't even been released even as Gen VI draws near.

Gen 3 (Kanto) - Much the same as the first time around. Sevii Islands add so little as to be negligible. No change.

Gen 4 (Johto) - Better than their originals, but still my most disliked region. Improved Kanto was nice, as was leader rematches and the rivals' added backstory. Pokewalker was very unpredictable though and I still ran into much the same problems as the first time.

So, imo, it goes like this:

3(H) > 1=3(K) > 4(S) > 5=4(J) > 2
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User Info: SoIldSnlvy

4 years ago#9
Kanto - Good pokemon pool overall, decent region design, though it leaves the player with too much exploration between the 4th and 6th gyms, which is a bit of a noob trap. Good pace but the pokemon pool is way too limited.

Johto - Great region design, pretty bad pokemon pool outside of legendaries and pokemon you can only aquire near the end of the game. Poor design in terms of pokemon levels and story progression overall.

Hoenn - Best Pokemon pool of any gen IMO, great region design and progression, decent story design. Great balance of exploration and motivation to follow the main story.

Sinnoh - Great story and exploration, terrible region design (Mount coronet backtracking inc.) decent pokemon pool.

Unova - Great story and pokemon designs, poor region design and mediocre exploration. Made up mostly by the Great pacing and general gameplay progression.
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User Info: Misdreavus573

4 years ago#10
Gen 1: Nostalgic. But putting that aside, it really wasn't the best gen. The Kanto region is good, and I love Team Rocket, but Pokemon wise, the designs were rather simple, which means that not many really stand out to me. I don't particularly love any of the starters, though it had some great legendaries. But then again, it only had five.

Gen 2: My favorite gen. So many good Pokemon designs, there's only like a few Johto Pokemon I dislike. My favorite starters, favorite Eeveelutions, favorite rival, favorite gym leaders. Some of the best legendaries. I loved the return of Team Rocket and Kanto, the night and day system, held items and berries. Sure one can complain about the level gap or whatever, but that's such a small thing to me compared to everything Johto did right.

Gen 3: My least favorite. I could never get into Gen 3 as much as the other gens. I don't like the Hoenn region, the trainer designs, or any of the starters, the rival was a joke, the evil team was just dumb. It had a some great Pokemon, but I hated how a lot of the Pokemon just felt like expys of Pokemon we already had. Not to mention that Gen 3 is responsible for IVs. It had some of the best legendaries though, aside from Groudon.

Gen 4: My other favorite gen. Sinnoh was probably the best region, and Team Galactic were great villains. It had the best early game selection of Pokemon, and I like how it focused on new evolutions for old Pokemon that really needed it, and most of them look good. Not to mention 4th gen gave us probably the two most important additions in the series: the Physical/Special split and online play. The only thing I don't like are Barry, the Underground, and some totally forgettable legendaries.

Gen 5: I'm mixed on this. On one hand, it had probably the best story in a Pokemon game, and it added random WiFi battles. Team Plasma was good in B/W1, but a little weak in B/W2. And it had some great designs, but also some bad ones. The Unova region looks great, but it's too linear. Definitely the weakest set of legendaries. And other than random WiFi battles and animated sprites, it really didn't add much mechanics wise. I'd say it's my second least favorite, besides Gen 3.
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