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Post your opinion of each region/gen.

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User Info: dragondance

3 years ago#21
Kanto - original is still best. Great areas to explore like the power plant and "unknown dungeons"
Johto- the worst. Pretty standard stuff with nothing memorable
Hoenn - 2nd best. Diving was fun but Pokemon design was forgettable
Sinnoh - Pretty good. Some good Pokemon designs
Unova - Among the worst. Never really liked Castelia City, the cheesy castle, and other over-the-top stuff that happens in the game.
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User Info: shrooboid313

3 years ago#22
Gen 1: It was okay, I didn't honestly like any of the Pokemon besides Clefairy.

Gen 2: Better than Gen 1 but it still wasn't as good as it could have been. I did like that you could go to Kanto.

Gen 3: This was the first Gen that I properly knew what I was doing with Pokemon and with so many new things introduced (especially like the Battle Frontier) it is probably my second favourite. I also actually liked a few of the Pokemon from this Gen.

Gen 4: Easily my favourite of the Generations, it introduced my favourite Poke, Roserade. I also really liked the fact it wasn't as linear as other have been due to the fact you could battle Gym Leaders out of the correct order.

Gen 5: I enjoyed it but hated the character designs for the protagonists, the Pokemon were some of my favourites that have been introduced. Far too linear though, the map was awful.

Gen 6: From what I've seen so far I really like the look of it. I like a few of the Pokemon and can already see a team of 3 so far: Froakie, Clauncher & Inkay.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#23
I'll give opinions of the regions themselves. Not the gens.

Kanto: A geographical mess. There's no other way to put it.
Johto: Nothing to complain about. Everything was quite nice, actually.
Hoenn: Team Magma had a good idea. Expanding the landscape was exactly what Hoenn needed.
Sinnoh: MT. CORONET.
Unova: Linear until you beat the story. Then you realize how huge and free it really is.
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User Info: RivaISoul

3 years ago#24
Gen 1: Cool
Gen 2: Cool
Gen 3: Really cool
Gen 4: Really really cool
Gen 5: Really really really cool
Gen 6: Really really really really cool
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User Info: Moocow123450

3 years ago#25
Gen 1: (I've never played it until recently, so this is more of a retrospective) I don't like it. While it did introduce some pretty good creatures (and some of my favorite), the generation itself is a glitchy mess with psychic types being utterly broken and there being a lack of many types *looks at ghost and dragon*.

Gen 2: Even though they're my first generation, I don't like it that much. The creatures it introduced aren't all that memorable (besides Miltank and kingdra) and while it did introduce some new types, they were hardly used until later generations (I can think of two steel lines and three dark lines). And while they did balance the game, that's all the generation has going for it. I don't like its region design (not as bad as Unova, but still pretty meh). In the end, the changes are still good, but I wished they utilized the new typings (and added more ghost types; they shouldn't be as rare as dragon types are). Despite all of this, the generation is good, just not the best.

Gen 3: It's a pretty good generation. The region design is *mostly* solid (except for the huge stretches of water at the end. But that is the end and not the beginning, so by then, you should have caught a grass type and a decent water type to use surf.) However, the lack of ice types (two strands, yay) made it weaker. Despite that, one of my favorite generations.

Gen 4: It's a mixed generation. While it did return some good things (such as a better use for the day/night cycle and the poketec), it goofed up a lot of things (such as the lack of variety of Pokemon in the pokedex, even in Platinum there's only a few steel types, one fire line added (and one fire evolution) and only a few lines of grass types added). In addition to the gosh awful pokedex, there's also the slow pacing in diamond and pearl which takes forever to get through. However, the region design is among my best, and in a nuzlocke, it's pretty difficult (mainly because of the large amount of level spikes). However, it features the most useless TM in battle *looks at defog*. Still, the region design and the fact the few Pokemon they did add are memorable more than makes up for this (not to mention, it was mostly fixed in Platinum).

Gen 5: My favorite generation depending on which game your talking about. If you're talking about Black/White, it's one of my least favorite. While the story is decent, and the variety and memorability of the Pokemon is good, everything else is meh or worse. The region design in Black/White is the worst in the series and the after-game may as well be a crammed mess of non-existent. Ironically enough, that makes what was supposed to be a reboot of the series one of the worst starting points. However, Black 2/White 2 fixes everything and adds more; the region design is better, the amount of Pokemon is better, there's more aftergame, and there's more features. Overall, it can either be a decent generation or my favorite.

TL;DR: Gen 5>Gen 4>Gen 3>Gen 1>Gen 2
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User Info: EmeraldRange

3 years ago#26
Gen I: I played Red as my fourth game so logically I can't be a genwunner. That being said, I loved the region of Kanto and I think it's the best design so far. I do not oppose HMs so I later realized that they were trying to get you to use Fly by separating the west and the east (in a different manner than that of Sinnoh). The games were a bit straightforward and the storyline was very flat until I discovered the hidden storyline. That made Gen 1 the second best of all

Gen II: Gold was my first game so nostalgia is included and maybe that's why I got excited for HGSS. Since this was my first game, it left me unprepared for all the other gens in terms of levelling. Anyways, as the first, this was the norm I compared to. I particularly hated that sudowoodo as I had cut and instead was forced all the way around. Before I played Ruby, I thought that all the pokemon games had a second part (like Kanto). Remember I was rather stupid back then. I even tried to evolve Growlithe by training it to level 82. Team Rocket and the storyline seemed to be an interference. This is the middle No. 3

Gen III: I liked FireRed better than Red and I don't have a solid reason. But I just like it better. The main part of Gen 3 was the Hoenn region. As everyone I felt like water was always in my way. I did not, however, realize that there was a lot of water after lilycove until these GameFaq posters complained about it. The excessive water was those blocking my path. Nevetheless I loved the region, the pokemon and the storyline which was much better compared to Gold. Emerald's Battle Frontier was what finally placed Gen 3 above all.

Gen IV: As a platinum player I experience no slowness. And I thought the slowness was really part of the character (read the manga). What I didn't like was how they changed Pokeblocks to Puffins. They're basically the same! I also didn't like the must-be-online underground secret bases. I also didn't like the excessive event legendaries. The distortion world was strange and duller than it could have been. However unlikely, I enjoyed the snowy routes. I just like snow so there. The battle frontier was disappointing. Reduced to two and WAY too easy. It did however evolve some of my favorite Johtos and HGSS is also part of Gen IV so in this case, I'm a bid mixed. But I still am forced to place it as second worst.

So that leaves

Gen V: I was hyped. I waited. I looked at a complete pokedex and saw. Trubbish. Garbador. Vanniluxe. And I thought "They're seriously running out of ideas". I said okay. I won't just use them. So I played Black blindly as I had in Gold. There was too much storyline and too little post-story stuff. And most of all too little pokemon of other gens. The worst part (where I stopped) was having to ~capture~ (ish) Reshiram to fight the "champion" N who had Zekrom. Black 2 and White 2 weren't better. There was no battle frontier. There was no contest. There were no secret bases. There was that silly Pokemon Musical and Studios. What is there for a battle trainer to do? Nothing. Hopefully, X and Y won't fail me like this.

Gen VI: Are you suprised? TC said "each region/gen" so that naturally includes Gen VI and fairy type and who knows what will come. Will update a few months after the game comes out (if I remember to)
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