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What Pokemon do you think didn't need an evo?

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User Info: TG_Wolf

4 years ago#31
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User Info: MaxCHEATER64

4 years ago#32
jayman7 posted...
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User Info: MrDeathPenalty

4 years ago#33

User Info: Hitman1102

4 years ago#34
AlI_About_The_U posted...
Well, I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.

User Info: Hrothdane

4 years ago#35
Dusclops. Dusknoir feels very unnecessary.

I'm okay with Rhydon getting an evolution. I would just prefer it didn't turn into the butt-ugly Rhyperior.

User Info: DrakoVongola1

4 years ago#36
SoulBlayZ posted...
magmar, rhydon, lickitung, tangela, etc


Especially Rhydon and Magmar, I hate their evos.
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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#37
mainly lickylicky

Lickitung is all cute and cuddly, and lickylicky is all ugly and derpy and badly designed

User Info: EmeraldRange

4 years ago#38
AlI_About_The_U posted...
Don't read this sentence.

User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
4 years ago#39
It was really strange imo that Rhydon got an evo.

I mean... it was already better than Golem, and now it gets even more better?! Ooookay... whatever.

I hated it at first, because Rhydon was one of my favorites, but after Platinum got out and showed that it can look badass (with a different sprite) I started liking it.

Magmar and Elektabuzz didn't need one too. Same with Scyther or Magneton... not sure about Piloswine. It wasn't good, but it wasn't too bad either (it also looked better than Mamoswine...).
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User Info: paipr

4 years ago#40
ryhperior is a strange one ill give you that. but most of the gen 4 new evo's i liked.
dandelion + flabebe + fairy wind = saddest moment in pokemon.
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