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New Legendary Trios

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User Info: solaurus12

3 years ago#1
Like the games in the previous gen, there were trios of legendaries that could be caught after beating the Elite 4 or getting to a certain part of the story (such as the Weather Trio, the Wisdom Trio, Arceus Babies Trio). What "Trio" do you guys hope will be introduced. I for one am hoping for a type of dragon or bug trio since we don't have many of those. (only 1 dragon trio which is the Arceus Babies trio).
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User Info: Doctor_Spanky

3 years ago#2
A lot of people speculate that X and Y legendaries are inspired by Norse mythology:

So maybe we get the three Norns (witches seeing into the future, like the Weird Sisters) as a legendary trio. Maybe Fairy or Psychic type?

User Info: Firemaster5

3 years ago#3
Fairy trio w/ mythical beast from Greek, Celtic, and/or Norse mythology. A minotaur sounds nice. I was thinking nymphs could work. Maybe they could use a dolphin since Dauphin was used as a french, royal symbol on their coat of arms. Non-legendary idea: Clownfish evolutionary lines since they can change genders. It'd be a throwback to Azurill. Make the first stage 87.5% male w/ the evolution being 50% male/female. I'm not sure what the chance is that they change genders upon evolution but, there'd definitely be a good chance.
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