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least favorite pokemon per type v2

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User Info: aggron306

4 years ago#1
Bug: Burmy
Dark: Umbreon
Dragon: Altaria
Electric: Plusle/Minun
Fairy: Flabebe so far
Fighting: Keldeo
Fire: Ponyta
Flying: masquerain
Ghost: Misdreavus
Grass: Deerling!
Ground: Diglet
Ice: cubchoo
Normal: Lopunny the horrible thing
Poison: trubbish
Psychic: Gothita
Rock: Corsola
Steel: Mawile
Water: Seel

Least favorite overall: LOPUNNY

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#2
Bug: Burmy
Dark: Zoroark
Dragon: Can I just say Arceus-Dragon?
Electric: Voltorb
Fairy: So far, Jigglypuff.
Fighting: Prime-example how not to make a fighting type-ape
Fire: Darumaka
Flying: Swoobat
Ghost: Gengar
Grass: Lombre
Ground: Seismetoad
Ice: Jynx
Normal: Arceus, Subject to change.
Psychic: Jynx
Rock: Probopass
Steel: Probopass

Least favorite overall: QWIL... F***ING... FISH.
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User Info: DweezleMoonunit

4 years ago#3
Bug: Burmy
Dark: Absol
Psychic: Drowzee
Fighting: Toxicroak
Ghost: Golett
Normal: Bibarel
Flying: Mandibuzz
Steel: Excadrill
Ice: Jynx
Dragon: Salamence
Water: Tentacool
Fire: Infernape
Grass: Roserade
Electric: Electrode
Rock: Geodude
Ground: Excadrill
Poison: Toxicroak
Fairy: Swirlix
Overall: Excadrill

Excadrill and Toxicroak are the only ones here that I actively hate, but the rest I'm just indifferent to. Except Swirlix, I like all the revealed and retconned Fairy Types, it's just my least favourite.
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User Info: Misdreavus573

4 years ago#4
Bug: Volbeat
Dark: Krookodile
Dragon: Bagon
Electric: Elekid
Fairy: Swirlex
Fighting: Pignite
Fire: Pignite
Flying: Landorus
Ghost: Rotom
Grass: Ludicolo
Ground: Krookodile
Ice: Abomasnow
Normal: Loudred
Poison: Skuntank
Psychic: Wobbuffet
Rock: Probopass
Steel: Probopass
Water: Ludicolo

Overall: Wobbuffet

User Info: Deefrenzy41

4 years ago#5
Bug: Weedle
Dark: Absol
Dragon: Dratini
Electric: Raikou
Fairy: Maril is just ew
Fighting: Hitmontop
Fire: Tepig
Flying: Tranquil
Ghost: Bannete
Grass: Hoppip
Ground: Graveler because wtf boom
Ice: Froslass
Normal: Skitty
Poison: Kofffing boom
Psychic: Abra
Rock: Ryhorn
Steel: Mawile
Water: Maril UGLY

Least favorite Maril
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User Info: gunsndroses

4 years ago#6
Bug: Sewaddle
Dark: Umbreon
Dragon: Salamence
Electric: Emolga
Fairy: idk how anybody could choose a least favorite being that the type isn't out yet
Fighting: Hariyama
Fire: Any fire starter evolution line that isn't Charmander's
Flying: ****ing Zubat
Ghost: Banette
Grass: Sunkern
Ground: Tyranitar ew
Ice: Cryogonal
Normal: Rattata
Poison: ****ing Zubat
Psychic: I honestly can't think of one I don't like
Rock: Almost any rock type of Gen V
Steel: Klink
Water: Basculin

Least favorite Maril
Hey Lebron you still got 7 more to go!
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User Info: Earth_Echidna

4 years ago#7
Bug: Swadloon, for some odd reason.
Dark: I love all Dark types, but the one I always forget about is Skuntank. I always think it's pure Poison.
Dragon: Deino/Zweilous (for being a pain to train)
Electric: Any Pikachu clone except Pachirisu.
Fairy: Swirlix
Fighting: Hitmonlee
Fire: Pignite
Flying: Tranquill. Hackers...
Ghost: I would say Mismagius.
Grass: The Oddish line. *shudders*
Ground: Come to think of it, none, really. I suppose the closest would be Dugtrio, though.
Ice: Cryogonal.
Normal: It was Patrat... but now it's the same old annoying abomination Tranquill!
Poison: It's not Zubat... but it is, in actual fact, Garbodor. Zubat's awesome if evolved into Crobat.
Psychic: Abra.
Rock: Graveler
Steel: Bastiodon
Water: Feebass. So. Much. PAIN!

Least favorite overall: Swirlix. I hate that thing so much...
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User Info: gwithy16

4 years ago#8
Bug: Dustox
Dark: Umbreon
Dragon: Garchomp
Electric: Stunfisk
Fairy: Spritzee
Fighting: Emboar
Fire: Pansear
Flying: Unfezant
Ghost: Spiritomb
Grass: Pansage
Ground: Quagsire
Ice: Jynx
Normal: Watchog
Poison: Garbodor
Psychic: Woobat
Rock: Magcargo
Steel: Ferrothorn
Water: Panpour

Least favorite overall: the 3 monkeys
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose
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