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Rate these 3 attack ideas: Voodoo Curse, Gel Coat, and Forbidden Power.

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  3. Rate these 3 attack ideas: Voodoo Curse, Gel Coat, and Forbidden Power.

User Info: Duncanwii

4 years ago#1
Voodoo Curse
Ghost Type
Power: N/A
Accuracy 80
PP: 10
In-Game Description: A dreadful curse that reflects all damage and conditions onto the opponent.
Effect: If it connects the user casts a curse that for the next 3-5 turns the opponent will receive half of the damage done to the user. Also, any status effects or stat reductions done by the opponent will be done to the opponent as well.

Gel Coat
Poison Type
Power N/A
Accuracy 100
PP: 10
In-Game Description: A sticky gel that absorbs damage.
Effect: It coats the opponent with a sticky jelly that cannot be removed (except with rapid spin.) The gel will absorb all damage done to the opponent (even self inflicted damage like from Substitute and Explosion, in these cases the moves will fail) So for all intents and purposes the opponent is invincible. Why would I make an attack like this you ask? Because in 3 turns after the gel is applied it detonates, inflicting all of the damage done in one massive blast possibly resulting in a OHKO depending on how much damage was taken. Switching out will reset the counter back to 1, however it won't reset the damage the gel has collected.

Forbidden Power
Dragon Type
Power N/A
Accuracy 100
PP: 5
In-Game Description: A force that grants incredible power but causes severe damage to the user.
Effect: The attack raises all stats by 3 levels, but the user's HP is halved at the beginning of every turn. This attack cannot be used twice in a battle by the same Pokemon.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#2
1 and 2 could be used as defensive sets, 7/10

Forbidden power is ridiculously OP in double battles, just have the partner use psyche up, and you've got 2 units of mass destruction.
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User Info: Oreno5267

4 years ago#3
great, i want more
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User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
4 years ago#4
the first 2 are pretty cool
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User Info: trinityEDGE

4 years ago#5
1 is OP if it has good distribution. A -6 priority and only being able to reflect damage is welcome.

2 is just broken. Switch out every two turns and your Pokemon is forever invincible. Change it any more and it would just become like Perish Song. Also, I don't think there is any attack that persists after you switch out except for statuses, so I'd not think that is feasible.

3 looks broken on paper, but I'm not sure how broken in practice. Notice how Shell Smash and Belly Drum take a toll on the user's defensive stats. With this move, you make the Pokemon bulkier AND faster. Whoops. Put on a Sitrus Berry and the Pokemon would have 75% HP with incredible bulk and speed.

User Info: ShadowMaster684

4 years ago#6
Gel Coat kind of reminds me of Brachydios' slime. I think maybe one way to alter it is to make it so that after 3 turns it does a set amount of damage, doesn't make the Pokemon resistant to damage, but you can use the move repeatedly so that on the 3rd turn, when it does go off, it does more damage based on how much gel is "stacked" before the detonation. Having it be a high amount of damage would be good, too, and have it wear off if the opponent spins or switches. Could be a good way to force switches or make the opponent take a gamble.

Really interesting concept, though. I don't really know if you were looking for ideas, but meh.
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  3. Rate these 3 attack ideas: Voodoo Curse, Gel Coat, and Forbidden Power.

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