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Name my shiny Hoothoot.

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User Info: Goten55

4 years ago#1
Nando - (Budew) - Polimario
Ambersky - (Trapinch) - Earth_Echidna
Oxybron - (Brongzong) - seth_angelus369
ShadowBolt - (Luxray) - kid_gamer95
Mistenfire - (Feebas) - Earth_Echidna
Scarlet - (Venipede) - MeLikeyPie
DOGARS - (Koffing) - 1998_z
Kyubimon - (Ninetales) - SpikeTbear
Candice - (Snorunt) - MukAndMew
Ruby Spike (Sandshrew) - Earth_Echidna
I<3Gardenia (Tangela) - Smogoon
DiscoFever (Cottonee) - Mistress_Zelda

Its been a long time since I made this topic. Rules are simple, suggest a name for it and hope I choose it and get added to the list above.

Some info about the fella.
Mild nature
Insomnia as an ability.

Not one of my longer hunts, but 1,048 eggs isn't too bad.
Summer of Juvia Lockser!

User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#2
Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a day.
Set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.

User Info: SpikeTbear

4 years ago#3

I've also been known to name Hoothoot and Noctowl either Blathers or The Who.
"The most important thing is to never stop questioning." -Albert Einstein.
Xbox Live: AlteraLateralus

User Info: ironicman1

4 years ago#4
No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.

User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#5
Hedwig, Soren, Mistwood

Pick your favorite
Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam.

User Info: Ninpin

4 years ago#6
Archi (or Archimedes) after the Greek mathematician.
My other signature is epic.

User Info: PaulMalucciMD

4 years ago#7
Kaepora Gaebora
-Sent from one of my four iPads-

User Info: caddiw

4 years ago#8
Bright Eyes (preferred)

Nite vision( meh)
Started from the bottom now we're here.

User Info: Goten55

4 years ago#9
From: SpikeTbear | #003

Its a boy though.
I knew someone was going to say it, but I didn't know how long it would take.

From: PaulMalucciMD | #007
Kaepora Gaebora

That won't fit.
Summer of Juvia Lockser!

User Info: NekoHime64

4 years ago#10
I'd say Athena if it was a girl..... I dunno, Blinky?
Unofficial Sneasel of anything ever.
"I'm a girl btw." - TherianReturns
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