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Your Opinion: Gen 4 evolutions for older Pokemon

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User Info: zane0144

4 years ago#21
Ambipom -Even wierder than the original
Mismagius - Very neccessary and nice looking evo
Honchkrow - Not the best design, but it works
Weavile - Very cool evo
Magnezone - It's ok, I like magneton better
Lickilicky - Just bad, looks dumb
Rhyperior - Not fond of the design at all
Tangrowth - Stop making bad evos for gen 1 stuff!
Electivire - Ok, better
Magmortar - Why!?
Togekiss - I like the pre-evos better but I've gotten use to this design
Yanmega - Incredible, one of my favorite bugs
Leafeon - Eeveelutions are always great
Glaceon- See above
Gliscor - Had to get used to it but I like it now
Mamoswine - Same as above
Porygon-Z - No
Gallade - Very cool
Probopass - Heck no, ugly
Dusknoir - I like it a lot
Froslass - Way better than glalie
Roserade - Wonderful evo

Basically, the gen 1 evos are terribad, gen 2 are pretty good, and gen 3 are awesome barring probopass
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User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#22
Good: Mismagius, Honchkrow, Magnezone, Togekiss, Yanmega, Glaceon, Gliscor, Mamoswine, Gallade, Dusknoir

Average: Ambipom, Weavile, Lickilicky, Rhyperior, Leafeon, Probopass, Froslass, Roserade

Bad: Electivire, Magmortar, Porygon-Z

If you HATE this one, you should consider (insert medicine that relieves stress): Tangrowth
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