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What advice would you tell your past self(first started pokemon) about pokemon?

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User Info: BerserkLeon

4 years ago#31
"For the love of god go grab flash before you try to get through rock tunnel."
Navigating without flash took me at least an entire sitting to get through... I was 9.

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#32

Or leak to my past me when he was getting on GameFAQs all of the secrets of X and Y to reveal slowly to the world, cryptic clue by cryptic clue.

Also all of the announcements from then until now for gaming and media in general.

Oh, and also to read Homestuck, because Wierd Time S*** FTW. And everything that happens in it.
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User Info: Archwing3441

4 years ago#33
grass is NOT weak to psychic!
Nintendo? PlayStation? no...

User Info: Anarchy-182

4 years ago#34
javel34 posted...
Anarchy-182 posted...
javel34 posted...
"Put the game down, go live life"

javel should go back in time to when he started a gamefaqs account and tell himself "get off gamefaqs, go live life"

I signed up for gamefaqs for Pokemon I think, so it comes full circle lol.


User Info: Cedlow

4 years ago#35
I'd tell my past self that haunter only evolves during a trade go trade with that one kid at recess. I'd tell my even younger self to not restart after the SS Anne left back then I thought that wasn't suppose to happen. Then I'd tell my 12 year old self that the pokemon you caught and went on adventures with are useless and that you need to breed and ev train in order to stand a chance against that jerk Jason who wiped the floor with everyone in link battles during the 3rd gen era.
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#36
"Ghost is not weak to psychic, Bug and Rock are not weak to ice, and dark is immune to psychic."
"If you find Giratina, Soft reset until you find a different colored one, then Master ball it."
"If you find a red dinosaur thing, and you have a heavy ball on you, soft reset until you find a yellow one."
"Evolve your dratini. Dragonite is amazing."
"Fritz, leave this board and spend time with your only friends- Oreos."
Official Shadow Zangoose of the X board and Salamence of PGD!

User Info: madninja1

4 years ago#37
You know that thing that you thought that if a move touches the opponent pokemon then it should use the Attack stat or if it is something clearly not physical then it should use the Sp attack stat? Well it doesn´t work like that and it won´t until the fourth generation, so please stop teaching your Kadabra/Alakazam and your Gardevoir shadow ball and teach them some elemental punches instead.
Marauder Shields, a real hero.

User Info: MickeyRocksa

4 years ago#38
you will never beat me
so don't even try
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User Info: Block_Man_X

4 years ago#39
"You can't get Mew in LG. No you can't get Lugia either"
PSN-block-man-x / SSF4 Main Vega.

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#40
"Dude. Dude. Use your other Pokémon. Trust me, that Pidgeotto ain't gonna cut it for you the whole game through. Now, on another note, I have here a selection of winning lottery numbers..."
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