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If pokemon were real, who would you have on your team? (realistically)

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User Info: Relient_K

4 years ago#131
This is kinda tricky. I turn 25 in a couple months, so Im saying what It would evolve into. I have a degree, and am in grad school.

Snorlax (it is a big cat)
Victreebel/another flower pokemon.
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User Info: Rogue Mutt

Rogue Mutt
4 years ago#132
I'm older than 25, make more than the minimum salary you listed, and have spent time in several different countries. I think that justifies pretty much any team I can think of, sans legendary pokemon.

So . . . Alakazam, Arcanine, Flygon, Golduck, Primeape, Tyranitar.
Alakazam Arcanine Flygon Golduck Primeape Tyranitar

User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#133
Da Rules

1) Your team would consist mainly of common pokemon that would live in a 20km radius.
I live in Northern Germany directly at the haven: Germany is a very foresty country+ the baltic sea directly in front of window

2) If you travel, you're allowed to have one or two exotic pokemon
Traveling is one of my hobbies, check

3) You may only have fully evolved pokemon (3rd stage) if you're over 25, 18+ for second stage.
25+, check

4) No legendaries, no pseudo unless you have a valid reason.
I'm not special enough for a legendary

5) The number of pokemon you have depends on your qualifications/income.

Maximum average is 3-4. More if you have a University degree or earn more than $30.000 per annum (convert to your currency if necessary)
University degree, check

6) Any pets you currently have can be your pokemon equivalent. (If you have a parrot, you have have a chattot as one of your main 3-4)
I don't have a pet. (I used to have a rabbit and a hamster)

My team would be realistically:

- Doduo: years ago a bunch of Nandu's (apparently Greater Rhea in english) broke free from a farm not too far away and are happily reproducing themselves in that area (even going as far as Poland). Doduo/Dodrio are a flightless birds, so... yeah

- Gligar: In the hometown of my parents (croatia) I found a rhinoceros beetle, a mantis and also scorpions. I chose to take Gligar with me.

- Jumpluff: They are literally everywhere, are they considered weed in the rest of the world as well. Weed in the sense of growing everywhere, not smoking.

- Seel: What can I say, they come here once in a while.

- Exeggutor: The botanical garden from our university is directly next to my office. After weeks and weeks of asking, they gave me a bunch of exeggcute and I evolved them.

Maybe I should get rid of one... too much work.
To be honest I had to restrict myself: I could have easily gotten pretty much all the starter birds, the rattata line, the geodude line, the zubat line, the shellder line, the garbador line, too many tentacools here, most of the standard bugs and spiders, a lot of plants due to the botanical garden, all the farm animals (20 km are a lot around here), pineco and seedot, piloswine and slugma, corsola and a bunch of standard fish, all the obvious pets like meowth, goldeen and the dogs, yanma, roserade, pachirisu, snover, I might get a non poisonous snake here and there (and that would be snivy), deerling, starmie and eelektrk

My favorites Sandshrew and Whimsicott just don't live here, and I don't have space for Onix.
Jumpluff and Exeggutor don't need food ;) Doduo is the only one thata could make problems... needs too much attention

User Info: Devan2230

4 years ago#134
the_cajun88 posted...
The rules/restrictions make this suck.
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User Info: LOGlC

4 years ago#135
I'm 21, so that means the highest form I can have is a 2nd stage?
And I have a College Degree, so I can have more than the 3-4 limit, according to the rules.

My team would be any combination of the following:

Tranquill (I travel to South Dakota a lot. Eventually this would evolve into an Unfezant; SD's state bird is a Pheasant.)
Cacturne (I have lived in a desert most of my life, so I would have naturally owned one of these.)
Poliwhirl (I currently live in a very wet and rainy place, with lots of frogs. Would eventually become Politoed.)
Sandile (I have a pet lizard that is from Egypt)
Herdier (I have a Yorkshire Terrier that looks very similiar to this.)
Houndour (I have a black Dachshund aka Wiener Dog.)
Zigzagoon (There are a lot of Racoons, especially dead on the road. Lol.)
Zubat (There are a lot of bats that come out at night.)
Nuzleaf (Would evolve into a Shiftree because I live next to a ton of forrests.)
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User Info: Davimus518

4 years ago#136
1) Tauraus - My grandfather owns a farm
2) Persian - I have 4 cats
3) Skitty - I have 4 cats
4) Glameow - I have 4 cats
5) Meowth - I have 4 cats
6) Miltank - My grandfather owns a farm

User Info: Dragonofdalzell

4 years ago#137
I'm over 25 and I live in a area of SC where several animals exist so I'll have two teams that I rotate between. Since poke balls would be sold at every walmart / sporting goods Store it wouldn't be hard to capture the full teams.

1- Treecko >>>>>Sceptile
My starter. I've owned pet geckos since I was a teenager.

2- Furret
I own a ferret. It would travel out of its poke ball usually on my shoulder or in my backpack like ash's pikachu.

3 - Durant
Thousands of ants in my yard. I'll just take my pick.

4- Houndoom
I own a dog.

5 - Basculin
I go fishing several times a year. Lots of bass around here.

6- Mukrow
Lots of crows that visit nearby farms.

Second team.

1- Magikarp
I go fishing several times a year. Carp can be caught around here.

2- Scolipede
Lots of centipedes live in SC including my yard.

3- Sunflora
Mother has a large amount of sunflowers in her garden so I would just go over and take my pick.

4- Gogoat
My father's cousin has a goat farm. Could get one for free if I wanted it

5- Yanma or Yanmega
Same places I fish have lots of dragonflies

6- Ninjask and Shedinja
Cicadas live in the trees in my neighborhood

5 -

User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#138
Its almost to the points where you could just about have an entire team and viably make it all steel. I think i answered in this thread once already similarly but I would have an entire team of steel types.
Maybe if i deviated 1 snivy.
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User Info: matt-nicklin

4 years ago#139
Pokemon within a 20km radius, how is that supposed to work.
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User Info: Zadios765

4 years ago#140
Makes a topic about pokemon being real then says to be realistic about it...smh
Be excellent to each other...Party on Dudes-wise words of Bill and Ted
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