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If pokemon were real, who would you have on your team? (realistically)

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User Info: Mujika

3 years ago#141
Scotland let us see...

1) Some sort of bird of prey is very possible, but I doubt I would ever encounter one, so a more common bird Pokémon, Robin's are quite common in my town so a Fletching from Gen 6!

2) well Lapras would be a nice "Nessie" but as I haven't actually visited Loch Ness then I'll go with no (though if it did exist bet my best socks I would go and get one). Failing that some sort of seal or otter pokemon.

3) Have a pet Labrador, can't think of an equivalent, but I can see myself with a Lillipup, seeing as I'm over 25 and would be my first Pokemon let's make it a Stoutland,

4) I have water, flying and an good all-rounder. So now for something more exotic, I have been to Egypt and so has a large amount of my family, so I can imagine getting one from their, even if I am not the OT, so a Riolu, as 'm not the OT it won't warm to me for a long while.

While I do have a degree I can only see myself with 4, my income is not that great and 4 is a nice number for me.

I'm happy with that
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User Info: EmeraldRange

3 years ago#142
I read all of these message and some of the points made against TC are fair enough that I will base my post on TC's rules and changing the one about age limits so that I can train my pokemon to 1.5x my age.

That being said, I'd have a Spearow from one of the five sparrow nests in my garage/porch. And according to my age, it'd be a Fearow. And I can fly to school!

There's also a pack of dogs right in front of my gate so I can get a Growlithe and I'll get a Firestone soon enough.

What animal is Abra? I would reall like one. To do my homework.

Other than that, I'm not very keen on real life pets (even pokemon) so I'd just have two.
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User Info: GoGoat

3 years ago#143
I'm going to ignore the 20km rule and stick to my country as a whole, because its a bit ridiculous. Ireland is tiny, I could travel from one end of my country to the other in half a day by bus.

Quilava (Cyndaquil's supposed to be a hedgehog...thing)
Vulpix (plenty of foxes. No fennec foxes though, so no Fennekin :( )
Staravia (lots of starlings)
Miltank (not far to travel for don't know creepy until you've seen a herd of cows stare at you)

Nothing else that interesting here I'm aware of. Maybe squirrels, but I've never seen one. Maybe throw in a ghost type or two like Haunter, since they don't need food (though litwick might need to be fed souls...hopefully not).

Miltank would probably pay for itself since we could sell its milk, and Staravia could easily hunt for its food. By the time it evolves from Cyndaquil, Quilava wouldn't be able to live off of a hedgehogs diet, though. And I don't fancy the idea of Vulpix dragging home dead carcasses >.> though as a domestic animal its eating habits would probably pretty close to a dog.
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