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is your team garchomp weak?

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User Info: Aura_Sphere

4 years ago#111
sash abomasmow
how could you do this to me. on the year of luigi

User Info: Ray Gun

Ray Gun
4 years ago#112
Volren617 posted...
RTC3 posted...
rg topics are da best

and cool volren's here. u gonna battle again when 6th gen comes bruh?

There isn't quite so much rage away from 4th gen though. I'm pretty sure he had at least one 500 post Garchomp topic on the Diamond boards.

I'm thinking about getting back into it when the new games come out. I don't even have a 3DS so I'll have to get all my info on the new pokemon 2nd hand though xd

i had i think 3 or 4 500 garchomp topics
i'm psyched for gen 6, gen 5 kinda boring because the meta is almost over
beginning of each gen is when battling is the most enjoyable

User Info: Ray Gun

Ray Gun
4 years ago#113
i can't even reply to all the terrible posts that were made after i left. like i have no words for how idiotic some of them are.

User Info: ThatGuyZ

4 years ago#114
And this is why I love the competitive community-easy to laugh at.
At this point, only one word signifies me:..yes.
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User Info: ReachOutToTruth

4 years ago#115
My team is 6 Charizards. All with Ember/Flame Thrower/Fire Spin/Fire Blast.

Garchomp is toast.
<3 and (/|\) !

User Info: Aurawhisperer

4 years ago#116
Okay, I have two more that can take on Garchomp. Then I'm done

Chuck Norris
Nature: perfection
Ability: shut the **** up and stay down

Two moves:

Norris punch
Roundhouse kick

Nature: undead
Ability: cutthroat

One move:


Ight im done
Countdown to pokemon X & Y and PS4.
Burn Black and White.

User Info: Ray Gun

Ray Gun
4 years ago#117
don't have kids

User Info: pokemon2poker

4 years ago#118
Why don't you guys ever play triples? You might find that your team is Turtwig weak.

User Info: Verdika

4 years ago#119
Volren617 posted...
Verdika posted...
Ray Gun posted...

and lmao at the guy who listed ubers who all get wrecked by chomp

I was mostly kidding exactly does Garchomp beat Mewtwo? Or Kyogre for that matter. He's not as fast, and both can obliterate him with Ice Beam.

Neither can switch into him safely and Kyogre is actually slower than Garchomp. Mewtwo and Scarf Kyogre can both serve as revenge killers/checks but not directly counter. Lugia can safely take most chomp sets IIRC even with SR up.

This is a troll topic but there are some really terrible responses.

Assumes that Garchomp has the advantage of being out first. If we're arguing who would beat the other, shouldn't we assume equal playing field? At the very least I can just as easily say Garchomp cannot switch in on them either.

Also, somehow I always expect Kyogre to have better stats than it does...I have looked up it's speed stat a dozen times now and I'm still surprised that it only has a base speed stat of's defense too. I just feel like it should be better...
There's nothing that sucks worse that that moment in an argument when you realize that you are wrong.
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