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I was looking at the map of Kalos and noticed something.

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  3. I was looking at the map of Kalos and noticed something.

User Info: Brandon042487

3 years ago#11
I thought hoenn, but as Jayman said its unlikely due to Hoenn being an island.

it don't match any of the bordering terrain to Unova.

I've always theorized that another region could fit on the land mass that Kanto and Johto is on. some where north of those regions.
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User Info: xyzlactic

3 years ago#12
Unova confirmed!

Looks like we will be seeing Elisa and N again
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User Info: Firemaster5

3 years ago#13
What is it about Kalos doesn't match the terrain and isn't part of the same continental area as Unova in actuality that people don't get?
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User Info: agentkb2001

3 years ago#14
Firemaster5 posted...
agentkb2001 posted...
agentkb2001 posted...
thats because that map cuts off part of the right hand side of the kalos region.

the bridge takes you to a path that looks like it leads to a train station

He meant the southmost bridge on the east end. The mount is probably a barrier. There is a path above it that has a bridge. There seems to be a slope so, maybe there's a ledge there and that's a shortcut (going from North to South that is).

so did I...
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  3. I was looking at the map of Kalos and noticed something.

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