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Switching my usual starter type in this game. You?

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User Info: GoGoat

4 years ago#101
FuneralCake posted...
I don't have a usual starter type. I just pick the one I like the most.

^ This.

Though technically I never picked a grass type for a first run until Gen 5, so theres that, I guess. Altogether I've started with 2 fire types, 2 water types and 1 grass type. As long as Fennekin's evolutions aren't revealed to be garbage between now and release, that will place fire in the lead with 3.
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User Info: Darth_Mark38

4 years ago#102
I just pick the one I like the most. And I tend to get all of them anyway.
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User Info: paipr

4 years ago#103
This gen im going back to my grass starter ways. Last gen was my non grass starter gen. Oshawott and tepig where just so much better than snivy add to that the fact that last gen had some really fun non starter grass types. That said I may try to acquire the other two starters for my first playthrough cause I actually like all three. Chespin the most though.
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User Info: forkezan

4 years ago#104
I wouldn't say I "always" choose the fire starter but they do usually do tend to be my favorite. Not this time though. I'm going with Chespin, which is unusual because it will be the only grass type besides Treeko that I've used.

Red (1st playthrough) - Squirtle
Red (2nd playthrough) - Charmander
Gold - Totodile
Crystal - Cyndaquil
Sapphire - Mudkip
Emerald - Treeko
Fire Red - Charmander
Pearl - Piplup
Platinum - Chimchar
Heart Gold - Cyndaquil
White (1st playthrough) - Tepig
White (2nd playthrough) - Oshawott
White 2 - Tepig
and soon....
Y - Chespin
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User Info: SolarStrider

4 years ago#105
Yes. The only other gen where I deviated from the Water starters as my first choice was with Chimchar.

This time I am going with Fennekin unless it's revealed to be Fire/Fighting, in which case I'll choose Froakie.

Grass doesn't get much love from me :( but Treeko did make my choice of Mudkip extremely difficult.
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