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Team or Party?

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User Info: occono

3 years ago#1
What do you call your active Pokémon? I've always used Party.

User Info: TherianReturns

3 years ago#2
i call them my homies
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#3
Team or Pokes.
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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User Info: spooky96

3 years ago#4
Pokemon Showdown Peak Ranking OU: 2004
And then lost 7 matches in a row >_>

User Info: fedartz

3 years ago#5
The True Honedge Blacksmith of Pokemon XY Board

User Info: InhaledCorn

3 years ago#6
3DS FC: 2578-3118-6645 PSN: PowahBoxers
I need to play Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door again...

User Info: wahaha911

3 years ago#7
I call my active pokemon by its name... Primeape
If you're referring to the ones I carry with me then those are called pokemon
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1/100 people are psychopaths

User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#8

Suikoden ftw
My way is the high way. You'd have to be lactose intolerant to not learn to love it.
Ha! Cheese puns.

User Info: kakashik99992

3 years ago#9
My pokemon run

User Info: LazHarshaw

3 years ago#10
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