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Team or Party?

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User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
4 years ago#11
I'm a the Luigi master!

User Info: eponastar

4 years ago#12
CakeOfLies posted...
Team or Pokes.
" I never told anyone.... but I've always thought they were lighthouses "
Seriously, go play To the Moon

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#13
"Fritz, leave this board and spend time with your only friends- Oreos."
Official Shadow Zangoose of the X board and Salamence of PGD!

User Info: GoldenSWarriors

4 years ago#14
GT: F3rocious Panda

User Info: bobstevens23123

4 years ago#15
my *****es
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User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#16
The brotherhood of pokemon. :P
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