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It's not "food" pokemon that are the problem,

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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#11
From: Firelion6593 | #002
I thought you were going for a ground beef pun. I am legitimately disappointed this was not the case.


User Info: Ninpin

4 years ago#12
I hate games that make me hungry while I play them.
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User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#13
NINKOjIN posted...
I hate games that make me hungry while I play them.

I recommend you to play Cooking Mama series. Its very gud games.
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User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#14
It could be a "hamburger" made of soil for the buns and gravel for the meat. The lettuce could be plants growing in-between the soil and rocks. Poppy seeds could be the eyes.

Either Ground/Rock or Ground/Grass.

Could be Ground/Rock with some Grass-type moves, like Leech Seed and Ingrain.

Abilities... I dunno, maybe Aftermath, Rough Skin, and Gluttony?
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User Info: LightningHawk90

4 years ago#15
It's not food pokemon that's the problem, it's people who can't accept that everyone has their own likes and dislikes.
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User Info: dwdwdw6

4 years ago#16
I shouldn't have come to this topic while fasting.....

User Info: SirPikachu

4 years ago#17
jneal57 posted...
SirPikachu posted...
Bump. I want more people to see this so everyone will shut up about food.

but i like food...makes me full.

personally i like the food Pokemon.
but the day they make an ATM Pokemon...i am out

I like them too. I just get annoyed when people start saying food automatically equals bad. Bad ideas=bad. The bag of potato chips for example is a horrible idea. Not because it's food, but because it is a bag of potato chips.
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User Info: Kagayaku08

4 years ago#18
the point TC's missing is that the general idea of pokemon is cute. All inanimate pokemon are essentially how he describes his hamburger pokemon in his idea; take geodude, for instance. How does having a face with arms works for a rock, but not a hamburger? Its rather arbitrary if you ask me.

There are ways to sell an idea depending on what they want to sell the idea as. Ideas don't suddenly become bad just because individuals have problems accepting them. That can change with time, as TC pointed out. Ideas becomes bad when they don't work and, in the case of pokemon, everything's fair play.
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User Info: Mephsuit

4 years ago#19
The bigger problem is the implication that spontaneously any random pile of crap can just come to life and be a Pokemon.
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User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#20
I stopped looking at pokemon seriously a long time ago. Now i just find it funny when these pokemon exist. Especially the rotom forms. Go washing machine! Use hydro pump!

Oh noz! you defeated my washing machine, now how will i have clean clothes. You will pay for that...
Go oven! Cook my enemies!
Rotom Fan With an Air Balloon
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