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It's not "food" pokemon that are the problem,

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User Info: kaiser ryu

kaiser ryu
3 years ago#31
Azurinai posted...
kaiser ryu posted...

I was following you until you said animals.

Pocket Monsters are not Pocket Animals, they don't need a proper sensical body to function. Once you realize that anything can either be possessed or aquire a will of its own through some fluke of the universe, anything starts to be acceptable.

You let yourself get hung up in semantics. I'm sorry. Monster is a fairly ambiguous term frequently used to describe a range of things with other qualifying labels such as people, animals, and the supernatural. I in no way intended to enforce a "Pokemon must be animals only!" mentality with how I used the word. It's a shame a semantical argument has formed over something as silly as whether or not Pokemon are animals because their name is a portmanteau of pocket and monster. Monster and animal are not exclusive terms.

Everything, monster or no, needs some sense in the universe it occupies. That was what my talking about precedents and perspective was intended to touch on.

Heck, I like to think of the food pokemon being things created from the thoughts of people made real by powerful psychics which is then given form.
Nothing bothers me in terms of design because I can rationalize anything and I know that pokemon don't have to be have "animals" or living breathing entities.

Like I said, some people have their line set farther for others as to what constitutes too far into the absurd. Picking sides in this is just ridiculous but I find far less wrong with people who find living ice cream to be pushing things too far than I do with the people who get their undies in a twist over such dissenting thought. Both camps should relax at any rate.
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User Info: gamingrat

3 years ago#32
SPDShadowRanger posted...
Vanillite needs a chocolate brother.

dark/ice pokemon confirmed
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User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#33
Mephsuit posted...
The bigger problem is the implication that spontaneously any random pile of crap can just come to life and be a Pokemon.

Japanese folklore has traditionally held that objects can come to life, and have a sort of spirit instilled in them when created. There are a large number of creatures in Japanese mythology that are inanimate objects that came to life. "Tsukumogami" are such creatures. The most well known is probably the "kasa-obake" (, an umbrella monster best known from Kirby. The "chōchinobake" is a living paper lantern that likely inspired Dusclops.
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