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A simple and brief poll. Have YOU ever caught or encountered a shiny Pokemon?

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User Info: empireoffire

4 years ago#121
A Shiny Dusknoir in the Battle Arcade.
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User Info: pusho

4 years ago#122
I was re playing emerald for like the fourth time and in a cave i found a shiny zubat, my first shiny so i was prety excited, I catch him and after staring at him for a long time I decide to continue my journey, 2 battles later I found ANOTHER shiny zubat I really couldn't believe so I won't blame if you don't. Sadly I lost that catridge, my only 2 shiny pokemon :(
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User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#123
i was assuming you mean legit, no action replay ones, so the answer is no.

I mean except lake of rage gyarados(?)
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User Info: dragoonslayer12

4 years ago#124
Shiny lugia, soul silver. Geodude on 4th playthroughs, but I had no poke balls (very beginning of the game)
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User Info: wyldchyld337

4 years ago#125
In Pokemon White, I caught a Shiny Foongus.

In White 2, funny enough, I caught a Shiny Amoongus.

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#126
Oh, yes. Yes, I've seen and caught (and hatched) what is probably way more than my fair share of Shinies. They are as follows (post 1 of 2):

Caught (no Poke Radar):
Linoone (caught as Zigzagoon. I was en route to my Secret Base on Route 121, and this was before I started stocking up on Repels. I had to walk through only one square of grass in order to avoid having to walk through any more grass. Wouldn't you know it, encountered something. Of course, it being a Shiny Zigzagoon, my annoyance faded away very quickly.))
Machamp (caught as Machop. I was trying to find Grimer in the Fiery Path in Ruby, so I could score Nuggets to sell for cash. Gave up, forgot my Swampert knew Dig, and tried to leave the cave. One step away from the exit, bam, Shiny Machop.)
Persian (caught as Meowth following a failed attempt at finding a Shiny Wobbuffet in Ruin Valley. Forgot I could just fly back to Six Island, and man, am I glad I did!)
Salamence (caught as Bagon, and on the morning of my 14th birthday, no less! I was trying to score a Dragon Scale, because I knew I was getting Pokemon Box that day, and I wanted to have a Kingdra before I got the game, I forget why.)
Linoone (caught as Zigzagoon while EV training a Zangoose.)
Linoone (caught as Linoone, once again en route to my Secret Base, though this time I was going from Lilycove, rather than Fortree.)
Pelipper (caught as Wingull while looking for a Minun in Sapphire version, in a hotel room in South Dakota at 2:00 in the morning.)
Crobat (caught as Zubat in Altering Cave while EV training an Alakazam.)
Mightyena (caught as Poochyena while hatching Eggs- I lost control of the Mach Bike and skidded into the tall grass on the route with the Daycare in Emerald.)
Octillery (caught as Octillery while fishing for Luvdisc in Pearl- I needed a Heart Scale for teaching Megahorn to my Rapidash.)
Raticate (caught as Rattata very early on in FireRed while training up a Mankey I had caught not too long beforehand)
Tropius (caught as Tropius in the Great Marsh. As you might expect, I was freaking out.)
Rhyperior (caught as Rhyhorn while evolving one of my Shiny Tyrogue (see below) into Hitmontop.)
Cherrim (caught as Cherubi while trying to find a Munchlax in the Honey trees.)
Persian (caught as Meowth while searching for Suicune in LeafGreen.)
Butterfree (caught as Caterpie while still searching for Suicune in LeafGreen. Did eventually find Suicune, by the way,)
Lapras (caught as Lapras, on my 22nd birthday, after spending three days SRing for it in HeartGold.)
Seaking (caught as Goldeen while EV training a Steelix. Never did finish EV training the Steelix, by the way. Realized that Steelix as a physical sweeper was kind of a stupid idea.)
Swellow (caught as Swellow in Black, en route to Giant Chasm- wanted to swipe some Comet Shards from wild Clefairy, Solrock, and Lunatone to sell for cash)
Galvantula (caught as Joltik while trying to get a Thunderstone for evolving my Eelektrik.)
Nidoqueen (caught as Nidorina in the Safari Zone in LeafGreen while trying to get a Chansey.)
Gengar (caught as Gastly in Pokemon Tower in FireRed- very first encounter in there in that particular save file, too!)
Darmanitan (caught as Darumaka on Route 4 while searching for some sort of Shiny there- Adamant Synchronize Abra worked, too!)
Blue-Striped Basculin (caught as Basculin in Aspertia City while EV training a Charmeleon- this was Black 2, found her in a patch of swirling water!)

*continued in next post*

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#127
Caught (Poke Radar):
Bibarel (caught as Bidoof while trying to catch one with the nature I was looking for)
Machamp (caught as Machop while EV training a Hitmonchan- had to resort to the Poke Radar, because in Sinnoh, that route above Oreburg City is one's best bet for EV training in Attack, and there's still TOO MANY GEODUDE THERE!)
Grumpig (caught as Spoink. It was the swarm of the day, and I was bored.)
Masquerain (caught as Surskit, and on a chain of 7, no less! Same as Grumpig- it was the swarm of the day, I was bored.)
Jumpluff x2 (both caught as Hoppip in the same chain. No idea why I went for a second one.)
Arbok (caught as Ekans- first Shiny I ever got in Platinum)
Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, & Hitmontop (all caught as Tyrogue in the same chain after months and months of failed attempts for even just one Shiny Tyrogue. After getting the first, I didn't dare let this chain break- damn it, this game OWED me! Oh, and that Rhyhorn above, found that while trying to evolve one into Hitmontop.)
Weavile (caught as Sneasel- took me literally all day, too, but finally nabbed it on a chain somewhere in the low teens.)
Floatzel x3 (all caught as Floatzel- was originally chaining Electabuzz, but these kept breaking the chains, so I decided to try chaining Floatzel instead)
Donphan (caught as Phanpy- close call, nearly ran out of Max Repels while going for it! I was down to 2 or 3 when the Shiny patch showed up!)
Electivire (caught as Electabuzz- remember I said I had been originally chaining Electabuzz when I got my three Shiny Floatzel? Well, this is the result of a subsequent attempt.)
Banette (caught as Banette. No real story here, I was just bored one night.)
Nidoking (caught as Nidoran. Hadn't chained anything in a while, so I did this just to see if I still got it. And I do.)
Vaporeon (caught as Eevee. Tried to keep the chain going to see if I could score enough Eevee for all the Eeveelutions. Obviously, that didn't pan out.)

Hatched (no Masuda method):
Arcanine (was breeding various things in Emerald I traded over from FireRed, for the Pokedex data. Noticed that the Growlithe I hatched looked different. I was prepared to chalk it up to the difference in sprites between FireRed and Emerald, but I checked it out anyway. Sure enough, Shiny!)

Hatched (Masuda method):
Gyarados (my very first attempt once I had acquired a Japanese Ditto. Went for Magikarp because its Eggs hatch the quickest. Still took over a week. I had actually given up in the end, and was hatching the few remaining Eggs so I could free up space in my PC, and the second to last Egg hatched into a gold Magikarp!)
Victreebel (following several decidedly disastrous attempts at chaining a Shiny Bellsprout, I turned to the Masuda Method. Hatched this right around the 15-Egg mark.)
Muk (I cleared my schedule and prepared for the long haul with this one. Egg number one, green Grimer. I kid you not.)
Honchkrow (wasn't even trying for this one! I was attempting to put together the perfect parents to breed a Jolly Murkrow with an Attack IV of 31, and Brave Bird. Hatched a Shiny Murkrow somewhere in the process.)
Braviary (hatched the Shiny on the 9th Egg!)
Reuniclus (took me an entire weekend to hatch this one, and it even came with a Special Attack IV of 31! That wasn't even inherited from the parents, that was just sheer dumb luck! Modest nature, too! If only it got Magic Guard, it'd be perfect, but hey!)
Klinklang (took me only several hours of Egg hatching, and the Everstone worked, too- Adamant nature!)
Zoroark (I had been trying for this on and off for months, finally hatched one mere hours before April Fools' Day, 2012.)

User Info: jon9090

4 years ago#128
Literally 2 days ago I caught a shiny Ursaring so... Yes haha
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User Info: mudkip72

4 years ago#129
Yes, a shiny Exeggcute in Firered.

User Info: metalmariolord

4 years ago#130
A single Spearow in FireRed.
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