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A simple and brief poll. Have YOU ever caught or encountered a shiny Pokemon?

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User Info: BlueDryBones1

3 years ago#81
I have encountered 3 randome shinies throughout all my games. Sniny Pochyeena in Emerald. Sniny Raquayza in a new file in that same Emerald. And a Shiny Kabuto from Pearl. I didn't save the Sniny Kabuto b/c it was my last of its fossil and I was soft resetting for a Adamant Swift Swim Kabutops. I regret not saving it but Relaxed with Battle Armor really hurt it. I still have the Raquayza in White but I traded away the Mytheeana to my cuz.

User Info: deidara21

3 years ago#82
One poocheyena in my emerald.
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3 years ago#83
Yes I have.

Here they are, the levels I got them at and there current state.

Seedot. Caught at level 17, but forgot to save and the battery went dead.

Shellos. Caught at level 10, now level 44 Gastrodon in White 2.

Tentacool. Caught at level 16, now level 40 Tentacruel in White 2.

I also have/had the following that do not count.

1 Zigzagoon each in Ruby and Sapphire. I got them for sending the game away to have a bug fixed, level 5 when gotten, 1 was level 100 and the other was level 67 Linoones before I saved over the games

The Shiny Haxorous from White 2. Caught at level 55, now level 64.

A shiny Gyrados in all generation 2 and generation 2 remakes. All ended up between levels 49 and 100. Have a level 100 Shiny Gyrados on White 2.

The Shiny Dratini that you get for beating White Treehollow. Got at level 5 and is now level 73 Dragonite


3 years ago#84
All shinies I've ever gotten are CRAP that I've never wanted to use and REFUSE to use. It's ALWAYS the mundane crap pokemon that have been copied each gen.

Like rattatas, pidgeys, hoothoots, zubats, bidoof, etc. I've had shinies of those and a few others. BUT it's always one of those annoying crap ass starting area mons that you see throughout any and every single area of the game to the point where the RNG can't help but give you a shiny for your 34619468324934246th time seeing a zubat.

Every time I mention this someone comes in and says "Oh well I'd use all of those! You're so lucky!"

Sorry, I've been playing this game for well over 15 years and I DESPISE crappy-first-area-annoying-pokemon. That's fifteen years of zubats. How many zubats have I seen? Enough to get a shiny of them more than once, and instead of catching it, treating it with extreme hostility and killing it with fire.

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User Info: Umuru

3 years ago#85
Some unspecified number over 10, I believe. Generally it occurs during those times when I am bored and just running in circles... Which lead to like 3 of the shiny Pokemon being Tentacool in 3 different games.

User Info: Valorous_Roland

3 years ago#86
Two. My first was a shiny female Absol I found when I was looking for a female Absol to use (I didn't--and still don't--care about natures/IV/whatever. I just cared about gender). No one believes this story, but it's true.
Although she used Whirlwind and I thought she was gonna escape, so I used my Master Ball.

Granted, I was really young when I played Emerald, so I kinda messed it up, but hey. I still loved her.
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User Info: Nextgrandcross

3 years ago#87
I only encountered a Shiny Meowth once in my entire life playing these games.

User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#88
Yes. Waaaaaaaaaaaay too many to list.
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User Info: MT_TRAEH

3 years ago#89
a god damn rattata/spearow, i cant remember..
i just remember it on pokemon gold, i saw something happened to the pokemon i encountered.. it was weird coz its my 1st time encountering a shiny but i killed that thing
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User Info: Scarlettail

3 years ago#90
Nope. Still waiting for my first after 5 generations.
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