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I've only found 2 shiny pokemon, and you?

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User Info: Magmasta

4 years ago#11

and a shiny charmeleon on wyncorporation

I got them when I wasn't trying. I once tried for like half a year 2hr a day to get a shiny swablu in emerald but never got lol

Haven't played my game in a long time, but when X/Y comes out I'll assure you I will get a lot of gaming time in.
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User Info: Iccirrus

4 years ago#12
Heatran (no intentional resetting,accidentally ran from a normal one,reset and it was shiny)
and then a Geodude about 15 mins later. both on plat

User Info: smashman92

4 years ago#13
Lets see

Exeggecute (safari zone and it ran away)
Paras (In gold and I thought the game was glitching so I ran away)

I think that's all. And those are all in the wild. I've played a lot of Pokemon. Will I ever get a shiny Charizard :(
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User Info: MagikarpRules

4 years ago#14
4 caught, some others while using an emulator but they don't count.

3 of them are Audino. The other, Vullaby. 2 Audinos and Vullaby were caught in Black 1. The other Audino in White 2. The ones from Black 1 were used in trades in exchange for some Pokémon I saw while battling post-game trainers in the sports arenas and the ship.

User Info: BikdipOnABus

4 years ago#15
Counting physical games only and not emulators:

Sapphire: Psyduck
Pearl: Shinx, Staravia, Wurmple
Platinum: Oddish x2 (chained, so they don't really count IMO)
SoulSilver: Geodude, Pidgey, plus I found a Slowbro in the Safari Zone but it got away
White 2: Audino

I also have a Zigzagoon that my brother found in Sapphire and a Poliwag from my other brother (in LeafGreen), both of which I traded to Emerald and cloned. So those aren't really legit, but I do have them so I thought I'd mention them anyway. Plus I have event stuff like Pichu and the legendary beasts. And Gyarados and Haxorus, but those are kind of a given.

If you do count emulators, I've also found a second Psyduck, Surskit, Rhyhorn, Raikou, Linoone, a second Geodude, and Tentacool. Most of those were in either Emerald or a hack of it, the exception being Geodude, which was in Gold.
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User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#16
Zubat in LG,Staravia and geodude in diamond,and quite a lot more if you count events and trades.
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User Info: pokemon2poker

4 years ago#17
Significantly more than 2.
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