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Bad OUmons you shouldn't use: Jolteon

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User Info: jneal57

4 years ago#141
and now i will use jolteon because you can't just walk up in here and tell me what's what
:3 kitty kitty

User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

4 years ago#142
kaonohiokala posted...
choice specs 252 spatk hp-grass jolteon fails to ohko 0/0 seaking.

that's how weak jolteon is offensively.

lolwut? *checks*

... 252 SpA Choice Specs Jolteon Hidden Power Grass vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Seaking: 246-290 (81.72 - 96.34%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

... Welp, that's depressing as all Hell. I mean, it does enough damage to where it'll more than likely kill him after taking some damage from entry hazards or something, but still. That really shows how much Jolteon relies on it's electric STAB and it's speed.

Oh well. He's still awesome. Not as cool as Espeon, mind you, but really cool all the same.
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