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What if more Pokemon games...

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User Info: SgtCashmere

4 years ago#1
were modeled after Pokemon Yellow? i.e. you get an unusual Starter (let's say Pikachu for Gen I, Emolga for Gen V, Pichu for Gen II, etc.) and collect the normal Starters as the story progresses. Would that be cool in your opinion?

User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#2
I want another HGSS
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User Info: Katharina27

4 years ago#3
Pokemon Yellow was amazing because you could get all the starters in the same game and Pikachu would follow and talk to you. Between breeding and online trading, its very easy to pick up all the starters. Pokemon Amie is far neater than any Pokemon following behind you although that as a bonus feature would not hurt the game. That and everyone is pretty much bored of Ash. Nobody wants to play as Ash Ketchum anymore.
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