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ITT: Just post a random Pokemon name.

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User Info: Noble-Heart

4 years ago#11
Official Crystal of the Pokemon X and Y board
"I like girls. But now... it's about justice."

User Info: hyperdimeduck

4 years ago#12
3DS FC: 4682-8590-2294
Official Kintoki-Doji of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board

User Info: anapple77

4 years ago#13

User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
4 years ago#14
Sleep? F*** sleep, Toonami is on!!- GenesisSaga
We told you this would happen. It's right there on the contest intro page. - Devin, On Rallying

User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#15
"Chicken is my 5th favorite fruit! :D" -lenmutt <A good gift from a good friend.

User Info: lanelazerbeam

4 years ago#16

Arne83 posted...
CakeOfLies posted...
PrettyTonyTiger posted...
Groudon (which is an armadillo)

It's a gerbil.

Could of sworn it was a walrus.

Really? I've always seen it as an Octopus.....
Official Hydreigon of the Pokemon X/Y boards and the secret board!
I <3 Dragon types
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