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Do you believe in "Mega"Pokemon?

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User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#11
if these are fake im killing myself
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User Info: Milso

4 years ago#12
Yeah. Information is believable and there's too much work gone into the details, artwork and crafting of magazine pages for it to have been faked.

If it is all fake, someone has put a ridiculous amount of effort into this.

User Info: keyos27

4 years ago#13
kingtrace posted...
The gym leader that was just added now has an in-game render in a screenshot next to her.

If these are fake, this is one hell of a dedicated artist.

Now, I am starting to believe as well...That gym leader reminds me of an Espada in Bleach -_-

User Info: kingtrace

4 years ago#14
Gensokyo posted...
No. All of those Mega Pokémon have exactly the same "wavy" style to them, except for the new Mewtwo forme, which makes me think they're fake. Seems a bit dubious to me that the entire new batch of revealed Mega Pokémon has the same wavy style to them when the one that is actually confirmed, does not.

I disagree. Lucario and Blazekin I can see what you're saying, but Absol's lines are all sharp and clear, while the curves on Ampharos are much more soft than the abrupt waves on the fighting types. There's a lot of variety in just the ones shown.
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User Info: keyos27

4 years ago#15
keyos27 posted...
I would say "No" despite Serebii who rarely uploads fake leaks posting it because the Absol part is not fully scanned and hidden as if the scanner tried to hide flaws that might reveal its fake.

EDIT: After two new screen shots were uploaded..I am starting to believe them as they revealed a gym leader who can pull potentials Pokemon to help them evolve into Mega Pokemon and a distribution of Torchic carrying a Megastone...
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