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Mega-Evolution? Let's think about this..

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User Info: jayman7

3 years ago#21
Sebas27 posted...
And designs are starting to become objective now

"If I have enough apples, then surely I can start calling them oranges!"

No matter what you think about the quality of the Pokémon designs, they are and will forever be subjective. They can't become objective, ever.
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User Info: Mcis1979

3 years ago#22
I honestly think that since we got Blaziken and Hoenn remakes are wanted badly that there will be megaswampert and mega sceptile. Except I think that the type change only happens to mono typed Pokemon like Amphy and Mewtwo. So sEptiles will be the only cool one. I would wanna see sceptile become a Dino bird (like what grovyle looks like) and go grass flying Pterodactyl. I would wanna see Swampert turn into a huge swamp fish with no legs.

But whatever happens you know if torchic got one its likely a popular grass and water starter got one to. I hope snivy and squirtel get one and become dark and steel respectively in there final mega forms. I could also see Meganium gaining fairy type and Feraligator getting dark type, Samurott gaining fighting type. Typhlosion gaining Dark as well.

User Info: EvilChaosX

3 years ago#23
Blaziken Megavolve to...!
I approve this message.

User Info: Safer_777

3 years ago#24
Bump for my question.
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User Info: -hotdogturtle--

3 years ago#25
I just want to point out that Torchic is the only starter Pokemon who has been catchable in a normal game (Sightseeing course in the Pokewalker). They're not completely above separating any trio of Pokemon.
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