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Any place likely to have a midnight release?

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User Info: tehkapi

4 years ago#11
RingsOfUranus posted...
What Gamestop is not doing a Pokemon midnight release?

Unless X & Y change trends, none of the GameStops in my area have had a Midnight Launch for Gen IV or V. And that's 12 stores. There's not a lot of people where I live that are even remotely interested in Pokemon though, I'll wear my PokeWalker to work and get mostly weird looks and some rude comments.

I just made the Walmart suggestion because that's the only place around me that will be open at midnight for launch, at least as of now. It's also convenient because I work there and can get it as soon as I leave.
(Don't worry, just because I work there doesn't mean I can get it any earlier than anybody else, there's a Sale Restriction at the register until the date of release for most games anyway, at least in my store. Would be cool though, haha!)

User Info: GRTooCool

4 years ago#12
I have asked Gamestop if they were having a midnight release twice. During the B/W 1 release and during the B/W2 release.

Both times I've gotten answers that said, "Nintendo doesn't do midnight releases. That's why we open at 8 AM instead of 10 AM instead."
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User Info: RayCRP

4 years ago#13
Sounds like the 24-hour Walmarts are my best bet to get it as soon as possible, but if GameStop opens at 8am for big Nintendo releases, that'd be my best bet if I want to get enough sleep but still want the game before I head to work. I'll probably cancel my pre-order at the mall GameStop, and maybe pre-order at both a standalone GameStop (Bridgeview, Oak Lawn, or Orland Park) and one of the nearby 24-hour Walmart (Hodgkins, Orland Park, or Crestwood) depending on how they handle new releases. Actually, looks like Target is 8am as well, not 9am.

I'd just prefer a midnight location, as I want to have enough time to accommodate any possible delay (lines, boxes not opened/scanned, etc) and still have enough time to get to work before the kids do so I can open and unlock the building/room/etc.

User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#14
I think w/ the lack of a huge amount of pre-orders in the Gamestops nearest me, there won't be a midnight release for X and Y. They usually open around 10:00 a.m. anyway like they did, IIRC, for B2/W2, even the one by a Walmart just like the mall's. I can ask if they'll open earlier that day since I have to go to religious services that morning until noon.
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User Info: gamepimp12

4 years ago#15
Just get an eshop and a hard copy
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User Info: SuperRup91

4 years ago#16
the walmart in my town opens at 6am and closes at 1am (i honestly don't know why it isn't just 24 hours at that point). They, in the past, have sold me new releases when I came in after midnight, before they closed.

User Info: Kaizukezu

4 years ago#17
If you do have a 24-hour Walmart in your area, TC, that's definitely the best place I would suggest to go. You said you live in Chicago area, so I'd highly recommend going into whatever walmart you plan on picking up the game, and asking someone in the electronics department if they do midnight releases of all video games, or just certain video games.

At the Walmart I work at, it's in a smaller town so we don't have too many people come in at midnight releases for games, (except for Call of Duty games, Halo games, and World of Warcraft expansions). If it's something where there is enough people calling throughout the week before a games release, we usually try to make sure the copies of the game are available at the Customer Service desk at midnight, as that's where lines usually tend to form.

At my particular store we have an overnight crew that comes in to stock products to the shelves, so if it's the same for the walmart store you are purchasing from, just ask an associate working near the department, and they can find someone to get the game for you if there's no "official" line or cash register to purchase the game.

Lastly, if you really want to make sure your copy is reserved, check to see if the walmart store has the Pokemon X/Y Preorder cards. There are preorder cards available at my walmart for both X and Y. They way those work is, you purchase the card for $5+tax at a register. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR RECEIPT, THE BIGGER CARD, AND THE SMALLER GIFT CARD ATTACHED TO THE BIG CARD. How it works is you buy the preorder card, and a copy of the game you are preordering will be delivered specifically for you. IF you lose any of the 3 parts I mentioned (Receipt, big card, small gift card) there's a chance they won't be able to verify that you actually purchased the preorder card. When you go to pick up your copy at midnight, there should be a box of all of the preordered Pokemon games, and you'll want to make sure whoever helps you takes a copy of the game from the box meant only for the people who preordered. IF you are not able to pick up the game at midnight, don't worry! The store is supposed to hold your copy for 10 days! Now about the 3 parts of the preorder purchase, they'll use your receipt to verify you actually paid for the preorder card, and then the SMALL gift card attached to the big card will be taken off, and will be swiped through the cash register after the game is rung up. The small gift card will deduct the $5 you paid for it off the total price of the copy of X or Y you preordered, and then you just pay for the remaining amount of the game. Then the cashier checking you out will KEEP the smaller preorder gift card, and they will put it in the cash register drawer.

One of the main questions I get on preorder cards in Electronics is "Can I add more money/pay off the rest of the game?" And the answer is "No. You are only able to pay the first $5 of the game, and the rest of the total is paid off when you pick up the game."

I hope some of this was helpful to you in some way. Me personally, I have both X and Y preordered this way because I want to make absolutely sure I get my copies. And seeing how your local walmarts are probably a lot busier than mine, it's a wise idea to preorder.
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User Info: RayCRP

4 years ago#18
Thanks for the tips, all. I called a nearby 24h Walmart yesterday and asked how they handled new game releases and was told 12:01, so I'll check the store(s) tonight to see if they have those pre-order cards. Hopefully one of them has both cards.

I don't do eShop because of the 5-system transfer limit. I don't plan on transferring that many times, but considering I ended up with a DS, DS Lite, and three DSi systems, and I'm already on my second 3DS (Fire Emblem) while also regretting not picking up the Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS, who knows how many systems I'll end up having when it's all said and done. I want to be able to play any of my games on any of my systems at any time.

User Info: RayCRP

4 years ago#19
RayCRP posted...
Thanks for the tips, all. I called a nearby 24h Walmart yesterday and asked how they handled new game releases and was told 12:01, so I'll check the store(s) tonight to see if they have those pre-order cards. Hopefully one of them has both cards.

I'm all set for Walmart in Hodgkins. Got the cards, and they said I can come in at midnight and pick the games up. If anyone else is wondering, they currently have two more of each pre-order card left.

FYI, I swung by the GameStop in Chicago Ridge Mall where I originally pre-ordered. They said even though the mall doesn't open until 10:00, GameStop is usually able to open at 8:30 for big releases, and they expect Pokemon to be one of those releases. I'll keep that pre-order until I'm sure I won't need it, at which point I'll probably just move the $10 to Zelda:ALBW.

User Info: Kaizukezu

4 years ago#20
Sounds like you got all your bases covered. Glad I could help, and have fun with the games!
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