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You get to choose a Pokemon to get a Mega form.

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User Info: mariolink31187

4 years ago#21
Mew + Catnip = Stoned Mew (Rock/Psi Type) : )

User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#22

Silver Ore/Lugianite
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User Info: ShadowSlash17

4 years ago#23


Mega Garchomp would get a Speed boost and a slight Attack boost. Idk about the ability, and maybe the type can change to Dragon/Water with the whole shark thing... Or not... Dragon/Ground is still great.
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User Info: Twilight_Sonata

4 years ago#24
Mega Shedinja has its HP EVs counted. Shedinjite sounds good enough.

Mega Whimsicott is Grass/Fairy. Whimsicite is fine.

User Info: Professor_Marth

4 years ago#25
When equipped with the Champion Gloves, Hitmonchan becomes Mega Hitmonchan!

His new, unique ability is Rocket Fist, which gives all punching moves +1 priority. Bullet Punch and Mach Punch, which already have boosted priority, are elevated to +2 priority. Mega Hitmonchan also gets a boost to his Attack stat and his Defense stat!

User Info: JonJonFTW

4 years ago#26
"Why did you eat Snail Po?"
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User Info: pichu_assasin

4 years ago#27
Mega Gengar

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User Info: Gamerdog6482

4 years ago#28
None cause I don't like megas

User Info: jschristy

4 years ago#29
Wailord + Skitty doll = MEGA WAILORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(probably already said)
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User Info: Kane90987

4 years ago#30
Houndoom + Brimstone = Hellhound ...Or maybe Cerberus?
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  3. You get to choose a Pokemon to get a Mega form.

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