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Will the new gen 6 starters have Mega forms

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User Info: 7656198

4 years ago#11
Cenedarprime posted...
LazorFist posted...
Probably. If they do, they might even be your in-game introduction to Mega Evos (barring the Torchic event).

That's what I've been saying for days. A perfect way for Korrina to introduce you to Mega Evolution in game is by having her give you your starter's mega stone.

I feel like most of the games do this. Everytime their is a new mechanic it gets incorporated into the story, usually for your starter I feel like. I can totally see this happening.
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User Info: TheMasterTurtle

4 years ago#12
This is what I feel like'll happen as well. I also hope it'll happen.
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User Info: bd43

4 years ago#13
Likely. You're being taught it by a gym leader, the game will want you to have at least one pokemon applicable and it helps if you want to use it.
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