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Who is your favorite Fire type?

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User Info: LeoAleph

4 years ago#101
The Tepig line...I know they have blah stats, but I love them anyway.

User Info: kaonohiokala

4 years ago#102
"I am champion of Bellator. I am face of Bellator now. Who want with belt? Come on with cage. I am beat you. -Alexander Shlemenko

User Info: LadyYachiru

4 years ago#103
Vita teneat nisi miseriam.

User Info: DarthX91

4 years ago#104
Ninetales and Typhlosion
The Official Sanat of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board

User Info: LibranFire

4 years ago#105
Infernape, Arcanine, and Darmanitan, in that order.

User Info: james009223

4 years ago#106
3ds fc 2208 4400 1843
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