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So Mega Pokemon = TCG Pokemon LV.X?

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User Info: jspamams

4 years ago#1
I am trying to get back into the TCG after not playing since Jungle (Yep I am old haha) I just found out about Pokemon LV.X cards.

Don't the concept of these seems a LOT like Mega Evolution? The Mega Evolved Pokemon can use the moves of its Previous Form. LV.X cards can use any move from any of its Pre-Evo (Original Version) along with its own effects. Just seems similar to me.
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User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#2
Up next: Delta Species

I want my electric/steel Charizard
Sound good?

User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#3
Now that I think about it,they may have gotten the mega evo idea from Lv.X cards...

Anyway,they dropped Lv.X cards for Prime and Legend cards during HG/SS,and they gave up on the concept during B/W.
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