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What' syour favorite Mega so far?

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User Info: NinjaKitsune

4 years ago#21
Tie between Ampharos, Absol, and Lucario.
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User Info: slmcknett

4 years ago#22
MegaAmpharos, for sure. He was my favorite Pokemon already, so this is great.
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User Info: dancnbna

4 years ago#23
Mega Mawile, because Huge Power.

I mean, 590 max attack
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User Info: biohazard151

4 years ago#24
Theres so many awesome one's, and infact i dont dislike any of them at all.

Mega mawile sticks out because it goes from mawile who i dislike in many ways to something that now i so want to use.

Megakhan is so interesting because its far different than the others and at the same time cute and BA.

But i just reallt visually like mewtwo's mega form, it keeps enough of the old while also putting a cool looking spin...something about it.

Im gonna have fun tracking down all mega-able pokemon and testing them out.
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User Info: ChaosCreativity

4 years ago#25
Mega Amphoaos, it has the most appealing design even though they just added hair to it. . Electric/Dragon is also a really cool typing (though I wasn't a fan of Zekrom). Also, that little warp digivolve clip was just amazing, made me love Mega Ampharos even more haha.
+Ampharos is in my top 10 pokemon

User Info: Big_Pecks

4 years ago#26
Mawile. A way better design and an awesome power-up.

User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
4 years ago#27
Lucario and Blaziken. Mawile... I never really cared for him and the mega doesn't help.
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User Info: ash_coolb

4 years ago#28
Mega Kangaskhan is simple and cool..(OP though if the kid`s damage is same as mother`s)

User Info: mjalal100

4 years ago#29
megaman_xdude posted...
Mega Absol lost all of it's bada$$ness and now it looks like a gayer Final Fantasy character which is remarkable because square is the king of making extremely gay looking characters in all of their games.

Are you actually serious?
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User Info: demoemo

4 years ago#30
i have to say MegaBlaziken. He has my favorite color scheme and i like the top feathers. they go upward like super saiyan hair
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