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Final Countdown

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User Info: Soar2344

4 years ago#11
Well I can answer the starter and it will be chespin. My first pokemon game was Soul sliver and I went with totodile then in black I went with tepig so I might as well go full circle. :3
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#12
1) What is the Feature that stood out the most to you?
Maybe the pokemon amie, or the mega evos, I don't know...
2) Who is going to be your starter?
By default, chespin. If his evos are Qwilfish horrible, then I'm choosing fennekin. If his evos are horrible as well, I'll chose chespin and not evolve him. Froakie is that bad.
3) What kind of pokemon do you hope to see in the full roster?
I don't know.
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User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

4 years ago#13
1. Probably Pokemon Amie, seems outright adorable.
2. Fennekin, easily.
3. Either an Electric/Dark Pokemon that is appealing and of some use or some type of Pokemon based on some French folklore, like Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf (perhaps in a duo a la Zangoose and Seviper), given the game's inspiration.
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User Info: LegendofDarkrai

4 years ago#14
Grammar_man posted...
Water/Fairy Nix Legendary. Could have formes based on the swedish and danish/norwegian nix. The Norwegian nix is a water monster with a skeletal appearance and seaweed as hair that pulls people under. The Swedish one is one of the most powerful mythological being in the swedish lore, and one that other creatures of lore are very scared of.

He tempts people into the water with his music, where he drowns or eat them. His music stops waterfalls and make the trees dance. It's power drives people insane. By screaming at the water in a specific place, he would enchant that spot to drown people.

Wooo! Sweden!! *chants*

On topic:
1) many, but PSS and Wonder Trade (gonna do a wonderlocke) will be awesome, but everything is great so far!
2) Froakie but maybe Chespin
3) A serpent, Chinese dragon with wings. Dragon/Fire type that's not a legendary. Or a bird based of on Roc
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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#15
Update for T-55 days remaining for the global release of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y
-Fly's return (images)
-I forgot to mention Pokémon-Amie stats be broken down to friendliness, hunger, and play
-Sweets for it are called "Pofure."
-Today's Smash ( featured riding a Skiddo (w/ music), Pikachu in a wild battle (player used Chespin and it used Vine Whip), more character discussions, a tutorial battle w/ Professor Sycamore where he lends the trainer a Mewtwo and Megavolution is used, The Torchic event (probably the event card) was presented, and Blazikens Megavolution is shown followed by the loosing of flames, which seems to have inflicted Mewtwo w damage indicating that it's not part of the animation for transformation but a move such as Heat Wave.
-Smash Preview ( shows Mega Ampharos using Dragon Pulse on a Druddigon and some Anime clips
-More screens of the game featuring Wi-Fi battle (one w/ a double battle showing Noivern and Malamar on the opposite side of a Galade and Marowak) from the Game Show.
-More image for the battle screen this time showing the bag menu
-video overview of the Pokémon Game Show:

X/Y features introduced so far: 3D overworld, Fairy type, Megavolutions, Pokémon-Amie, Horde encounters, sky battles, Super Training, world PSS, Photo Spots, 3D battles w/ models instead of sprites, riding Pokémon, bench sitting, character customization, Wondertrade, typing the name of the Pokémon you are searching for/requesting, diagonal movements, rollerblading, ledge leaping, and updated cries (if that counts).
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#16
DweezleMoonunit posted...
Fortuneman_Dark posted...
The herd battles. battling 5 pokemon at once. not only can we see multiple pokemon (like Miltank in a Tauros herd). but this will make training a lot more fun

It's pronounced hoard battle, and yes they do young man. Now get on the bus.

Actually they are Horde Battles. Excuse me, I must adjust my monocle.
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User Info: deathbycookies

4 years ago#17
"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#18
Update for 54 days remaining until the X/Y global release:
–some tracks pulled (OST, being updated as more come)
–critical/panic music not featured for battles when critical health is reached
—currently unclear if the beeping sound effect is used
• Another demo vid w/ switching and rival battle
• Silveon vs. a wild Litleo in this one
• Pokémon-Amie featured in the demo

The Shiny Dialga in-store download event for B/W/B2/W2 started in North America!
Also, I have a video project planned for release (sound effects and chimes featured). If either of the two topics are still active (most likely the backup) and have room for (a) post(s), I will share the link in whichever ones have room.

I went to check about the timeline print bonus today and asked a clerk to clarify if both needed to be reserved. She couldn't find it on the packets or system even though it's on the site but said for the special bonus, we may be able to get them w/ one game even after I told her that it stated both so, an inattentive store clerk may give me the timeline print anyway (would be a nice touch for my video). They didn't have the Dialga cart yet and won't know if they are opening early on release day until it's within two weeks of release (might as well call to ask or wait). >:}(>

• Wi-Fi battle demonstration at PGS
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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#19
Pokémon X/Y T-53 days update:
• 6 team Wi-Fi battle (double) demonstrated at PGS
-Rumor pic from Destructoid about Target (U.S.A.) listing upcoming inventory including Red and Blue X/Y N 3DS XL bundles.
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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#20
Pokémon X/Y T-52 days global update:
That PGS battle I linked was a double battle w/ four one each team.
•English Demo from Gamescom:
+ another
•"Pokémon X & Y Demo will be available to play at PAX Prime in North America next weekend (August 30 - September 2)"-
-It looks like a demo WILL come to North America at a convention. Some say that this will lessen the chances of an e-shop demo. I think it strengthens the possibility. Other game demos have appeared at conventions then released as e-shop demos briefly after (conventions get priority). The games are featured on the e-shop and will make digital release.
"Sorry to be frank but if you were interested in JRPGs and bought a 360 only then you flat out chose the wrong system."-Thamauturge
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