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Final Countdown

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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#81
"15 days until we battle" for those w/o TTI displaying the image.

• Another upcoming X/Y event for Japan that gives us the idea of what O-powers to expect.

• shows a second bonus for Spain w/ participating stores offering refrigerator magnets for magnets of the respective games

• It looks like EB Games in Canada is having a promotion where you can trade in a game worth $15.00 or more in trade-in value and get X or Y for Free w/ restrictions. More details in the links

There are leaks to images of the games interface but, they are spoiler worthy. A woman from Italy that works for Game & Co. (Holland newspaper) got a code for a review copy and posted some info and will post more of a review and pics on October 4th.
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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#82
"14 Days Till Your Adventure Begins" for those w/o TTI displaying the image.

• "The Pokémon X & Y Demo will be available to play at the EB Games Expo 2013 in Sydney from October 4 - 6 at the Sydney Showground." Links for tickets are in the link origins,
- Swiss Toy Expo 2013 in Bern, Switzerland from October 2 - 6 as well

• Walmart (U.S.) is having a promotion for you to get the special Pokmon Nintendo 3DS XLs and the respective games in what's similar to a bundle essentially at a cost of $229.96.

• Game Planet in Mexico is offering a timeline poster, a rule guide, and 2 Battle Disc Game Packages (what the guide is for) as well.

• Walmart in Canada offers the respective pins as bonuses.
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User Info: mada7

4 years ago#83
Pendragon71037 posted...








thank god someone did this
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User Info: ChibiDeidara

4 years ago#84
Pendragon71037 posted...








I Finally see this topic .. and i think Omg perfect time for the song .. and on page freakin 1 there it is !!!!!!!! XD
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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#85
"13 Days! till we meet!" for those w/o TTI displaying it. Here the Battle between Morimoto and Misaki on the last episode of Pokémon Smash

There are folks leaking pictures of Pokémon, some even being claimed to be starter final evolutionionary stages. There are discrepancies w/ the names, though and they are likely fake.
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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#86
"12 Days Until Pokémon X. 12 Days Until Pokémon Y" for those w/o TTI displaying the image.
• "A Nintendo Direct focused on 3DS & Wii U games tomorrow at 7am PDT/10am EDT/3pm BST."

• "Pokémon Get* TV to have a feature ranking the coolest things about Pokémon X & Y on October 6th."

•Nintendo World in New York is running a launch event the night of the 11th of October.

• "Find the Pokemon poster in the city and win great prizes!

The launch of the two new Pokémon games, Pokémon X and Y falls soon and we give you the chance to celebrate this countdown with a great action! Who will tell us where he is a Pokémon X and Pokémon Y - Cities has seen poster, not only has the view of the great prize of a Nintendo 3DS XL in the special Pokémon design including a game Pokemon X or Pokemon Y, but also the chance that the Pokémon Airstreamer comes into his own city! The Airstreamer, known by the Pokémon Days is brimming with great goodies Pokémon game stations and is also ideal for more great contests!

What do you have?

We hang out in the cities Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart from this Pokémon Pokémon X and Y posters. And you have to tell us where to find them! Take a picture and / or write to us wherever you've discovered, sends this info:

and you're there! We count the entries from every day, every email that tells us a site that belongs to each city in which the poster has been discovered. Attention, you only have until 10 October time! We publish the current favorite city on the 3rd, 7th, 9th October on our Facebook page:

The city that receives the most submissions is driven by Airstreamer in the following weeks on a date!

So much fun exploring and we wish all participants good luck!


• Happy 15th anniversary (September 30th) of Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version's North American debut!

I successfully downloaded Giratina today and finally fully paid off my pre-order for Y. Tonight's the last night to access the PGL before maintenance. It'll go down permanently as the year heads to change. Gen. V PGL may have had its Isshus but, it had good times and connections of pals in the DW.

Black Version house:
White Version 2 house:
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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#87
"11 Days until we meet our three new heroes" for those w/o TTI displaying the image.

• Gen V. PGL is under maintenance until October 12th.

• Pokébip mentions that Masuda will be present at the Fnac from Ternes in Paris for the release of X & Y for a signing session.

• Fennekin's code. More hints were released and the codes might have changed.
-Noivern: Y2P6
-Helioptile: X3G7T3DC
-Yveltal: YN4YWDR9
-Xerneas: XG9X4WNJ
-Fletchling: XN4YWDR9
-Bunnelby: XFRGD4KH

• "Canada's Largest Pokémon X & Pokémon Y Gathering! | Le plus grand rassemblement Pokémon du Canada!
Pokémon Fans! We know you have been waiting anxiously for the worldwide launch of Pokémon X & Pokémon Y! The day is almost here and Nintendo would like to invite you to participate in Canada’s Largest Pokémon X & Pokémon Y Gathering.
- October 11th from 3:00pm to 9:00pm
- WestJet Stage at the Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay W.
If you’re not in the Toronto area but want to participate in a gathering near you, click here to find the location nearest you:
This is the first worldwide launch of a Pokémon title and we are celebrating by hosting our launch event alongside other launch events happening around the world!
When you come down, you will be able to play Pokémon X and Pokémon Y before it hits the shelves! Don’t forget to bring your own Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DS and your favorite Pokémon titles since this is a great opportunity to meet other Pokémon fans, exchange tips and maybe even trade a Pokémon or two.
Pokémon fans may walk away with an item to commemorate the launch of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y and Canada’s largest Pokémon gathering! Arrive early as giveaways are limited.
In addition, if you come down dressed up as your favorite Pokémon or Trainer you may receive a Poké Ball Game Case*.
*While supplies last."

A few places in Canada and Italy have broken street date and there are leaked pics of the game as well as details, which is spoiler worthy.
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User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#88
"A NEW STORY BEGINS......IN 10 DAYS..." for those w/o TTI displaying the image.

• Charizard gets two Mega Evolutions; one for X and one for Y.
- Mega Charizard X via Charizardite X.
- both
- Mega Charizard X is Fire/Dragon-type and has the ability Tough Claws, which raise the power of moves that make direct contact.
- Sky battle in trailer? That's probably b/c it's flying as it enters the battle since it has to Mega Evolve to be in the X form. It specializes in Attack and can utilize Dragon Tail.
- video reveal
- b/c it's the Japanese game introduction.

• "2 More Pokémon were revealed
Swirlix and Spritzee evolution's are called Peroriimu and Furefuran in Japanese."
- They are pure Fairy-type

• Nintendo World about their fan gathering on October 5th for prizes and a chance to play the demo for 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

• "Nintendo from Spain revealed that the first 400 people that go to pre-order Pokémon X or Pokémon Y in FNAC stores are going to receive a exclusive cover for the Nintendo 3DS."
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User Info: james009223

4 years ago#89
9 days
3ds fc 2208 4400 1843

User Info: Firemaster5

4 years ago#90
^Jumping the gun
"9 days for the start! Pokémon xy" for those w/o TTI displaying the image.

• Toys R' Us in Spain is offering keychains of the respective mascots as pre-order bonuses for X & Y.

• "Aromatisse
Type: Fairy
Ability: Healer
Aromatisse, the evolved form of Spritzee, can give off a variety of different smells, from a pleasant fragrance to an odor so repugnant to its opponent that it can turn a battle in its favor.
Exclusive in Pokémon Y"

• "Slurpuff
Type: Fairy
Ability: Sweet Veil
Slurpuff is Swirlix evolution
Slurpuff has an unbelievable sense of smell—a hundred million times more sensitive than that of humans. With its highly attuned senses, it can distinguish the faintest of odors.
Since it's particularly good at distinguishing sweet smells, some Slurpuff work to assist pasty chefs
Excluse in Pokémon X"

• X & Y themed T-shirts for the Kalos starters are being sold exclusively at Hot Topic.
-"Note: 25% off if you use the code TEES25 online."

• "Union J To Team Up With Pokémon In Off-Beat Promotion For Pokémon X And Y
Although full details are said to be revealed tomorrow, a press release has indicated that popular UK boy band Union J will be teaming up with Pokémon in a new promotion. Speculation so far is that the X-Factor phenoms will do a signing and general promotion of the game. Pokémon formerly teamed up with One Direction, so there seems to be a trend developing in Nintendo’s Pokémon promotions. Pokémon X & Y will be released on October 12th and is expected to increase 3DS sales significantly, even though it seems to not need the help."

• The New York post reported of fans already lining up for the release of X & Y.

• "Everyone Gets Pokémon X and Y At The Same Time. Here's Why.
As the release date of Pokémon X and Y approaches, this will be the first game in the official series with a (for the most part) simultaneous international release, and those involved hope that by doing so, they'll be able to level the playing field.
'Until now, the pattern has been to release games overseas a few months after the games have come out in Japan,' Pokémon Co. head honcho Tsunekazu Ishihara said in an interview with Weekly Famitsu. While Pokémon is largely a Japanese creation, there is no doubt a huge contributor to its popularity is the international playing audience. The 'Japan first' release model has been the norm, but Ishihara feels that it leaves overseas players with an unfair feeling of 'being left behind.'"

cont'd in next post...
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