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It's been i long time since we got a ramdom topic.

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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#1
This is now a ramdom topic.

Scenario: You have find a Mega Stone and gave it to a box and then you see the box shaking and you find a Mega (Generate a number between 0 and 19 to find out what mega evolution you got and here is the site:

0-Mega Diglett .......

1-Mega Blaziken: Meet the all new lord of the Metagame...well almost.

2-Mega Volcarona: MEet the very first pokemon weak to Stealth Rock the goes to Ubers

3-Mega Cynthia: now with Mega Garchomp!!!

4-Mega Farfetch'd-Attack and Speed are doubled to 502/438 Adament or 258/480 Jolly. Time to wreck some fools with it.

5-Mega Sylveon: Meet the very first counter to Salamence to ever exist.

6-Red's Mega Pikachu

7-Mega Lilligant-With Tinted Len to destroy all who resist it for it now press Petal Dance to Win! n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n

8-Mega Skyla-Anyone know where Tiger has gone?

9-Mega Charizard-And the Charizard Fans go crazy for it has increase Attack and Special Attack with it type now being Fire/Dragon

10-Mega Salamence: On it's forehead it written ראאצ' קודאש and it has Moxie and Dragon Dance with all IVs being 31 and can be Adamant or Lonely Nature in case you want to go mixed.

11-Mega Serperior-Come with Contray as it ability.

12-Mega Iris-Now she is 21 year old and has Mega Haxorus and Mega Hydreigon.

13-Mega Magikarp-All of it stat are all Lv.100 with it Ivs being 0s and it now typed Splash which is 4x weak to all type, Resist none, 4x resisted by all types, and strong against nothing. It is also part Everstone meaning it will never evolve and and faint instantly killing the rest of your team. It will always be the first pokemon in your team and you can switch it out. IT is OHKO by any move that touches it...even non damaging move. You also can't store it in your PC nor can you release it.

14-Mega Scizor-Time to pluck those faires.

15-Mega Blissey-with doubled defense, Seismic Toss and Aromatherapy. On it's fore head it is wriiten יאשאה מאשיאצ'. It has with all IVs being 31 and can be either Calm or Bold..

16-Mega Tansa-Satan's sexy wife Tansa appear to you to give you any Mega Evolution you want if you give her your Soul. She will never give your soul to her husband after he cheated on her with Jezebel. You can also pick the Nature, move, Iv, Evs, hidden Power, and Nature of your choice.

17-Mega Leaf-meet the one who has defeated the living legend, Red and Ethan

18-Mega Hilda-You know where this is heading.

19-Mega Lucario- Now with all ivs being #1 and can be either Adamant or Lonely. On it forehead it is written יהוה
What do you guys think about the fairy type?
Snorlax: This is delicious. Iris: O_O Charizard: Doe this mean i am in OU now? Pikachu: No es fake.

User Info: Alexoneill77777

4 years ago#2
Mega magikarp is OP
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  3. It's been i long time since we got a ramdom topic.

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