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Shiny Charizard

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User Info: 6PathsOfPain

4 years ago#1
Shiny Charizard looks like a Boss. Which shiny pokemon is your favorite
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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#2

User Info: 7656198

4 years ago#3
Giratina, Charizard, Hazorus, Nidoking, Scizor

Edit: Umbreon, Metagross and Zangoose
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

4 years ago#4
Gardevoir, Gallade, Nidoking, Umbreon, Ponyta, Zangoose, and Metagross.
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User Info: Keldonis

4 years ago#5
Haxorus, Rayquaza, and yeah Charizard.

Black dragons are awesome.

Ho-oh, Umbreon, and Thundurus/T are honorable mentions as well.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#6
Apparently, I'm nobody.
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User Info: SgtCashmere

4 years ago#7
Red Gyarados... cuz it's only one I have ever caught :'(

User Info: 17Master

4 years ago#8
Shiny Milotic, Ninetales, and Gardevoir

User Info: 6PathsOfPain

4 years ago#9
Emboar looks pretty sweet also
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#10
CharizardFire posted...

Shiny steelix is ugly.
ITT: Giratina, Sandslash as a close second.
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