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ITT we discuss possible ways to improve the metagame.

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User Info: Octaivian_Rex

4 years ago#11
It would still be an excellent defensive type. Steel types are literally almost always used despite having 3 exploitable weaknesses.

The steel types used most often have their secondary type cancel out one or more of their three weakness because otherwise they have significantly more trouble switching in on attacks. My biggest problem with this change however, is still that it's reversing an immunity. Basically it'd be the equivalent of making ground weak to electricity or ghost weak to normal. It goes heavily against the current type chart. Type match up changes should be minor, making a neutrality into a super effective or a resistance are much more acceptable whereas your idea is akin to using a jackhammer to drive in a loose nail.

And what's so bad about Poison being better than Flying types? :)

It's s*** balancing.

User Info: dancnbna

4 years ago#12
There needs to be a move that instantly clears any weather effect.
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User Info: Octaivian_Rex

4 years ago#13
dancnbna posted...
There needs to be a move that instantly clears any weather effect.

Or make Cloud Nine/Air Lock do that.

User Info: fddsfsasf

4 years ago#14

User Info: Octaivian_Rex

4 years ago#15
fddsfsasf posted...

>Stealth Rock goes away after 3 turns
>Ice Moves recieve a 1.5x boost during Hail

These are the only ideas I didn't like. The rest were pretty solid and actually pretty creative.

3 turns, SR nerf seems unnecessary after the new ghost type rapid spin and defog update. Also, ice shouldn't get an offensive buff during hail when Ground doesn't get one during a sand storm. Sandstorm and Hail are more defensive weathers while Rain and Sun are the offensive ones.

User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#16
Stealth Rock nerf. It does far too much damage for a 1-turn set. Nearly all teams need to carry Rocks and a Spinner to clear them out. Make it more like Spikes only for flying/levitators to hit them because Spikes don't.

Anti-weather buffs. Make Air Lock/Cloud Nine actually dispell weather when the Pokemon is brought in instead of negating it while the Pokemon is out on the field. Defog can also clear weather.

Weather nerfs. Make Drought/Drizzle/Sand Stream/Snow Warning act like a weather-cast move at the end of every turn or when the Pokemon is brought in. The weather rocks can increase the duration of how long the weather lasts, but, under normal circumstances, lasts only 5 turns.

Poison-type buffs. While the Fairy-type possibly being weak to Poison is a useful buff, Poison needs more. Letting it be super effective against Bug again and super effective against Water would be two very needed buffs.

Ice-type buffs. Having only one resistance and a whopping five weaknesses makes having an Ice-type usually a hindrance. Give Ice a Water resistance and remove the Rock Weakness (as rocks, in nature, are usually broken up by water getting into cracks and freezing which expands the water) would greatly help (two resistances and four weaknesses. Not the best, but better than it is. It still has its generally great STAB, though.)

More mixed offensive moves. Psyshock and Secret Sword (a Keldeo exclusive move) were nice wall-busting moves. While this did move the metagame into a more offensive focus, the ability to use a Pokemon's stronger offense to hit an opposing Pokemon's weaker defense was a nice addition. Maybe some Physical Atk/Sp. Def attacks are in order?

Fairies are hopefully nerfing the overpowered Dragons and possibly helping the underpowered Poisons.

IV system change. I understand why these exist. It was to give the illusion of a Pokemon's superiority and individuality between members of the same species. However, with the inclusion of Natures and the existence of EVs, IVs feel like an outdated system. What I would like to have happen is the IVs getting integrated into EVs so that every aspect of a Pokemon's training is fully controllable. I mean, for me anyway, IVs were the one thing that bars me from playing competitively online in my game since I don't have the time to dedicate to getting genetically perfect Pokemon. I believe this also leads many to hacking and simulators.

Physical Hidden Power. Since the HP formula is getting redone this gen to accommodate the Fairy-type, now would be a great time to include a Physical Hidden Power variant. Nature Power/Blessing was a nice idea, but stupid in execution. With this, those Physically-oriented Pokemon with otherwise limited movepools can now have that extra coverage move in their set.

Move Tutors in the first set of games. No, seriously, why do we always have to wait for the "third" game for Move Tutors? You could have different moves available through Move Tutors in the third one. Some Pokemon are dependent on Move Tutor lists to give them a decent move pool.

Vs. Seeker. BRING. THIS. BACK. If you can find the right trainers, this makes EV training so much easier (not to mention the level grinding and money farming). Why they took it out in GenV I will never know.
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#17
Pendragon71037 posted...

probably older than GameFAQs itself, is to ban rain from OU.

GameFAQs: November 1995 (WIkipedia as a source)
Pokemon GSC and the creation of weather in Pokemon (let's not even get INTO when Smogon started or when rain became broken in OU): November 1999
Generation (pi)(i).
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User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#18
Ban stealth rock.
Ban rain.

At least I'll be happy.
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