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The Simple ability in gen 4

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User Info: Zelda_Aran

4 years ago#1
Hello, i understand this question probably belongs on a gen 4 board, but since this board is so active, how exactly does Simple work in gen 4? According to bulbapedia, they mention that defense curl would give you a one stage boost, but the effective boost would be two. But bulbapedia doesn't give an example for a move like amnesia. Would the effective boost for amnesia be 4 stages? Thanks!
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User Info: SorceressTharja

4 years ago#2
Yes and no. The actual stat change is +2 still, but it'll will indeed be treated as +4. Simple Pokemon cap at +/-3 actual, (+6 effective) but can still raise/drop to no effect.
In Gen 5, you actually get +4.
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