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Starter evolutions!!

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User Info: MaplesGrandGM

4 years ago#21
GuardianShadow0 posted...
Fennekin's is terrible, but Froakie and Chespin's are awesome.

I wouldn't say it's terrible, but it's very underwhelming compared to the other 2. Fennekin is my go to starter too...

I wouldn't mind them being real, but I honestly hope for a better Fennekin evolution.

User Info: gamingrat

4 years ago#22
am I the only one who liked fennekins evolutions here? I actually liked all three of them. imo the looks fit the rumored typing of fire/psychic, grass/dark, and water/fighting. anyone else feel this way
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User Info: koopabros64

4 years ago#23
Froakie's looks good.
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User Info: Blueodor

4 years ago#24
They do look legit and if not the artist did a excellent job.

User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 years ago#25
They're fake but do look nice. Whoever made them is a good artist.
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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#26
We've seen these already, so...
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User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

4 years ago#27
Those are so damn ugly dude! Why would anyone even think they were real?
All offense to the artist -_-
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User Info: smallface_gray

4 years ago#28
God I hope they are fake; they look hideous.

User Info: MalkyeaImbak

4 years ago#29
if real I think chespin is the way to go

User Info: kraznk1d

4 years ago#30
those look so fake and poorly drawn.
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