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580 BST starters?

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User Info: eagletalon22

4 years ago#11
If they upgrade and make all prior gens equal maybe but from my standings the base stats of most starters are rather wrong imo.

For each pair they should all be equal which is done in gen 5 (528) but non other. excluding gen 1 prior to special split had each at 425.

Gen 1
Venusaur - 525
Charzard 534
Blastoise 530
Gen 2 is the same as gen one.
Gen 3
Sceptile/Blaziken 530
Swampert 535
Gen 4 is back to gen 1/2 stats.

For the most part its my own sour grapes liking grass type and always using them but having a lower amount of base stats along with most of them being more defensive with a terrible defensive type : /.

hopefully chespin has a good diverse movepool and stat line.
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User Info: TheMasterTurtle

4 years ago#12
I like the stats varying and they certainly should not be that good.
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User Info: taa20

4 years ago#13
Fire starters average 532 (Poor Emboar is the only one below 530).
Water starters average 530.6 (Poor Samurott is the low mon at 528).
Grass starters average 526.6! (Venusaur is lowest, but only Sceptile is at 530).

At the very least, the Grass and Water starters should get a buff to get them up to Fire's average. Aside from typing, moves, and flavor, I do not think there should be a gap between the starters between the generations, let alone within one (Gen 5 got this right, even if they were the lowest average overall at 528).

580 might be overkill. 560 would make most of them an average of 5 BST better across the board (obviously moved around a bit for diversity). Better overall , and more attractive late-game options, but not encroaching on the grounds of the Trio-legendaries (Regis, Beasts, Birds, Emos, Genies, Musketeers), which are the standard for 580. And if they had the foresight to make sure they were all 580, they could have done the same for the starters at whatever value they picked.
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