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ITT: Your favorite and hated new mechanics from each generation

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User Info: RedZaraki

3 years ago#1
Gen 1: Base

Gen 2:
Favorite - Breeding Pokemon, Held Items, Dark and Steel Types, Day/Night System
Hated - Legendaries that Flee

Gen 3:
Favorite - Pokemon Abilities were cool.
Hated - Pokemon Beauty Contests. Lost Day/Night System.

Gen 4:
Favorite - Physical/Special no longer tied to types, is move specific. Egg hatch to level 1.
Hated - WAY too many event only Pokemon. Too many HMs needed constantly.

Gen 5:
Favorite - Introduction of shaking grass. Seasons. Constant Pokemon animation. TMs have unlimited usage.
Hated - Way too many online-only minigames, items, and Pokemon. Dream World. C-Gear sucks compared to old tools.

Gen 5.2:
Favorite - The Habitat List. Xtransceiver calls to different people for advice. Critical Capture.
Hated - The Black Tower/White Treehollow. Pokestar Studios.

User Info: fedartz

3 years ago#2
The only mechanics I hate is Dream World. Dream is good, but in Pokemon its just plain bad.
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User Info: InhaledCorn

3 years ago#3
Gen 2: Liked - Hold items (though they were rather limited), two new types, fixed type chart, breeding
Disliked - The legend chase (still hate it to this day), the phone (I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR GOD-DAMN RATATTA)

Gen 3: Liked - Natures and Abilities. (While I didn't know it at the time) the reworked EV system, Vs Seeker
Disliked - the Regional Dex (without the Pokemon being available post-game)

Gen 4: Liked - THE GOD-DAMN PHYSICAL/SPECIAL SPLIT. Good lord, was that needed.
Disliked - the sheer number of legends, many of which were event-only.

Gen 5: Liked - Hidden Abilities, and Starters could have them! Critical Captures (this was in B/W1 too)
Disliked - Event-only, male Hidden Ability Starters, Dream World, removal of Vs. Seeker, how many of the Pokemon still don't have access to their Hidden Ability.
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User Info: chubawake

3 years ago#4
Gen II
Favourite: Held items, Dark/Steel types, Special split
Hated: Roaming legendaries

Favourite: Natures, Abilities, double battles, new EV system
Hated: New IV system

Gen IV
Favourite: Physical/Special split
Hated: Fog/Defog

Gen V
Favourite: Join Avenue, unlimited TM usage
Hated: Dream World
But hey, that's just me.
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