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Why can Electric types be paralyzed?

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User Info: DarkDemon373

3 years ago#31
CakeOfLies posted...
ice_phoenix_ posted...
Arne83 posted...
CakeOfLies posted...
Hughs_Rage posted...
Because paralysis has nothing to do with electricity...
I mean electricity CAN paralyze you, but so can many other things
That's why things like Body Slam paralyze, because it ends up crippling the Pokemon

Body Slam is literally the only paralyzing move that has nothing to do with electricity though. That's my point here. Every paralyzing move EXCEPT FOR ONE involves electricity.
Heck, the animation for it is electricity!

Stun Spore.

and Glare

Never understood why Glare paralyzes...
Lick, too.

Not like those are common moves either. >_>
I'm still ticked at Static always crippling my Electric types though. I mean, Magnezone is a FREAKING MAGNET.

Have you ever heard of being "paralyzed by fear" I'm guessing that's why glare paralysis.
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User Info: Aysander

3 years ago#32
Reverse Polarization could be the case.

Maybe when battling, your Electivire produces "Plus" electricity, but the enemy Ampharos defending against the attack reads your movements and counters with "Minus" electricity. Since electricity has two separate charges, it's entirely possible an opposite charge could break through and enter the nervous system.

Or just...yknow....

Gamefreak Logic.

User Info: pokemonfreak97

3 years ago#33
Faust_8 posted...
I would be fine with Electric types immune to paralysis from Electric moves. That would make sense.

Poison can't be poisoned because nothing poisons except poisonous attacks.
Fire can't be burned because nothing burns except with intense heat.

And so on. But since paralysis isn't caused by only Electric moves, they can't be fully immune...but it would make sense that Electric shouldn't be able to paralyze Electric.

Inflicting paralysis with an Electric move on an Electric Pokemon makes as much sense to me as burning a Fire type. :/

Twineedle Poisons, but Poison-types are immune.
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