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Pokken Fighters

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User Info: freekhenstra

4 years ago#1
"It has been uncovered that The Pokémon Company has recently filed for two trademarks in the United States. These trademarks are for the titles Pokkén Fighters and Pokkén Tournament. It is currently unknown to what these trademarks pertain, but they could be anything from a line of merchandise to a new game, possibly the one shown at the Pokémon Game Show."

User Info: person_pitch

4 years ago#2
Ken means fist in japanese.

User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#3
The new game is obviously an official game based off of Pokemon Type: Wild.
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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#4
what's a Pokken?

User Info: j_coat

4 years ago#5
A Pokemon and Tekken crossover?! They said a crossover was coming soon recently.
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User Info: bararad13

4 years ago#6
the crosover has nothing to do with pokemon - it's a solitire and horse raiding cross
as for the name it sounds like the picture was indeed of a new game - hmm maybe pokemon battle revolution wiiU? I hope that it's not just another battle simulator in 3d and that it has a collo and xd like rpg mode

User Info: freekhenstra

4 years ago#7
That crossover is called Soliti Horse. Pokkén Fighters is obviously Pokémon-related.

It looks like it's the game we saw a teaser of. The name along with the two Pokémon shown so far make me think it's going to be a fighting game, but I think a console battler like Stadium and Battle Revolution is still a possibility.

If it is a fighting game, though, we're probably going to get a very limited selection of playable Pokémon. I think this could just be a selection of (mostly) Fighting-types. I doubt it's a coincidence that both Pokémon have Mega Evolutions, though, so maybe that'll be an important mechanic in the game. If it is, the playable characters might just be all Pokémon with Mega Evolutions.

User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#8
It translates into Pokefist and Pokefist tournament.Meh.
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#9
person_pitch posted...
Ken means fist in japanese.

I was wondering why it sounded like Tekken, and now I know. Thanks.

User Info: Nightstar1994

4 years ago#10
This looks better than Smash Bros O_O
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