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How many of us here are part of the Original Fanbase (aka. 90 kids)

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User Info: foxizard

4 years ago#171
I was born in 86' and though I indeed like some gens more than others, I don't dislike any of them.

I started playing Pokemon Red when I was in Grade 8 (Though it could have been Grade 7).
Like sure, Gen 1 was awesome, but I've also felt the same about all sequential gens.

Even then, my favourite gens are so far are 2 and 4. Partially speaking, this is because I love the regions. A chunk of my favourite Pokemon come from those two gens as well:
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User Info: D_Cowboys15

4 years ago#172
94. Blue was my first game

User Info: Exodecai

4 years ago#173
Was born in 1991, played since Pokemon Red/Blue
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User Info: Hotsumaru

4 years ago#174
91, red was my first game.

User Info: Enix Belmont

Enix Belmont
4 years ago#175

Charizard sucks, Venusaur > Blastoise > Charizard
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User Info: confessabear

4 years ago#176
Born in '92 and my first game was Pokemon Blue in 1999. I actually got a Gameboy Color for Pokemon Pinball, but they were sold out at the time, so I got Blue for the time being and the rest was history.

I could go on about how awesome it was to be a kid in the 90's, but I'll just say that Pokemon made up a huge part of my childhood (along with the N64, PS1, Cartoon Network, dial-up internet, Toy Story, DBZ, etc)
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User Info: Drakillion

4 years ago#177
1992 and Yellow is my favorite version. I was even there for the pilot episode of Pokemon. My cousins were hyped about it for some reason. After watching it, I got hooked into the Pokemon craze.
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User Info: chronosxgp

4 years ago#178
89' Blastoise 4 lyfe.
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User Info: CelesEsperIce3

4 years ago#179
90's kids are not the "Original Fanbase". 80's kids are the Original Fanbase and some kids born in the early 90's might be a part of it(90,91). TC born in 94, lol, that means you were 4(if that) when Pokemon Red/Blue came out. You might not have even been out of diapers depending on what month you were born.

If anything you might be part of the Gold/Silver Fanbase(6 by them), but you can't claim to be part of the original fanbase just because Red/Blue was the first game you played. Does someone born in 2012 count as part of the original fanbase if they played Red/Blue first?
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User Info: GBeastMegamanBX

4 years ago#180
Born in the 90 exact and liked pokemon since it made its way to amerdica
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