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How many of us here are part of the Original Fanbase (aka. 90 kids)

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User Info: TheWhoFan

4 years ago#291
'88, started on Red, have played every major game since (and most of the spin-offs, though not all).
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User Info: Donniedonz

4 years ago#292
Dark_Zoroark posted...
Fanboysareevil posted...
93, red version. It's easy to tell who has been here from the start and who hasn't. Likes Charizard? Old player. Dislikes? 12 year old.

This, Charizard is my favorite Pokemon.

Whatever, guys. I was born in 94 and don't find Charizard all that great.
I like Ninetales and Arcanine much more :)
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User Info: Insomniacsoul

4 years ago#293
'86. Pokemon Red. :)

User Info: leet_x1337

4 years ago#294
'95. Played my cousin's Blue when I was about five years old. Never got that far into it, but it was pretty fun at the time.
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User Info: EternalTheFox

4 years ago#295
Pokemon Blue was my first game. B) I can't wait for Pokemon X.
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User Info: mysockshurt101

4 years ago#296
born 1987 and played the red version when it came out. i have played at least one version from every generation since the release of the games.
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User Info: koggx

4 years ago#297
Lol @ "90's kids".... wow, just wow.

It was the people born in the 80's that are the original fanbase. The "90's kids" were literally small children that didn't even grasp the concept entirely when this came out. TC you're 18... you were 4/5 years old in 98..... you can't tell me you understood how to play the games. You may have been able to press A ftw somehow, but you were too young to even grasp basic RPG concepts. Sorry, but that is not at all "original fanbase."

The 90s kids were the kids who made us older kids who loved the games feel ashamed to play pokemon because they made it seem "for little kids" to everyone who didn't play. You were the ones that made it taboo! Many of you youngsters didn't even play the games, you just watched the show and wore the merchandise. The 90s kids were the ones who didn't even know HOW to play pokemon when you challenged them to fight, they were the ones who collected the cards cause they were cute.

I just think it's hilarious how young people feel that "they were there" for allll these things..... but you were actually a kindergartner then. Being alive and having a memory or two does not mean you were there!

In actuality, you 90's kids ruined pokemon for a lot of us.

i played and beat LoZLttP from start to finish at my 12 year old cousins when i was 4 so i wouldn't say all 4-5 year olds can't understand how to play games

anyway on topic born in 91 and been playing since Red and have no plans to stop

User Info: IzanagiBlast

4 years ago#298
Me, 94 :)
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User Info: gybugy

4 years ago#299
Pokemon Yellow

Yep I only got yellow since it had pikachu follow me around :D
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User Info: MT_TRAEH

4 years ago#300
Born 1993, played Blue and Yellow, thought Pokemon was cool.. still cool today.. though, they could just make all the pokemon available in one single game.. i could finally enjoy the game
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