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Things you liked/hated about Generation 5 (B/W/B2/W2)

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User Info: luigispezzotti

4 years ago#1
As the title says, list the things you liked/hated about Generation 5.

Personally I liked:
- Addition of over 150 new Pokemon
- Random matchup battles online
- Storyline was engaging
- Graphics improved, and the addition of constantly moving Pokemon animations

However I disliked:
- Some of the Pokemon designs (Garbodor and Vanillite in particular)
- Dream World mechanic (felt too distant from the game and too time consuming to find Pokemon you were looking for in particular. Personally I didn't think it was executed very well, nice idea though)
- The fact that transferred Pokemon didn't have their names corrected to be properly capitalized (This was a problem with fully evolved Pokemon and Event Pokemon)
- The removal of the ability to obtain Ribbons in game.
- Battle Subway (lacked any excitement or real gimmick, felt a little dull)

In the end, for me, these games felt too disconnected from their predecessors. I liked the idea of trying to recreate that Red and Blue experience with all new Pokemon and no old ones until post game, however the downside to this was that it made the games feel disconnected from the previous titles.

User Info: Dark_Zoroark

4 years ago#2
GOD DAMN Horrible Anime!
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User Info: All-ice

4 years ago#3
I disliked how there was no Poke Radar
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User Info: rocknroller365

4 years ago#4
I think Gen V was mostly perfect. Loved how BW made the franchise feel new again. Gameplay was much faster and smoother. Having the sprites move was a great touch and it's kind of ruined playing previous gens for me.

So I liked almost everything except:

No Vs. Seeker
Replaced contests with boring musicals (though Pokewood wasn't too atrocious)
I don't like Join Avenue....
Team Plasma's original uniforms looked derpy

That's about it, really. Gen V was a massive leap forward in nearly every respect.

User Info: TheWayofPie

4 years ago#5
Too linear, power creep and dreamworld.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#6
Didn't like Battle Subway, Dream World, the starters, the limited wifi battle options, or "Zekrom, level 9 and under."
I liked just about everything else though.
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User Info: Lucis_Ferre

4 years ago#7
All the new Pokemon. Yes, all of them. The sheer number was good but just so many were good there's none I could even feel like overlooking or forgetting.
PokeWood. Great sidequest, great prizes.
The new effort into the story and characters, as well as seeing their growth between BW and B2W2. It's been happenng since RSE but BW/B2W2 is where it's gotten good.
The OST. Dat emotion.
Less need for HMs
The ability buffs. Sturdy's buff was great, and a lot of the new abilities were great too.
The DW abilities, even when they weren't some of the great new abilities they still helped buff a lot of Pokemon.
The buffs to Bug types. Quiver Dance hell yes, and in general lotsa good new bugs.
Wild Charge. By the gods we needed a decent generic Physical Electric move and now we finally have it. It's no Volt Tackle but it's something.
Infinite TMs. So much more freedom.
The new EXP system
Free Lucky Egg

The abundance of events. While DS makes these easier via Wi-Fi download, still not brilliant imo, especially since they were still plenty of non-WiFi ones.
The Dream World itself, tedious and annoying.
Black/White Forest and Pass Powers/Entralink, too heavily suited to Japan's more crowded/high density of Pokemon players
Musical had the novelty wear off quickly and was otherwise not really that amazing. While the dressup part wasn't the worst part of Super Contests (****ing timing based minigames), it also wasn't anything notable.
No Pokemon following you.
No Vs Seeker. While Audino/Lucky Egg helps, I prefer rechallenging traners since cash as well and I feel less like a monster.

So they were better in all the ways that matter really, most the flaws were optional stuff or stuff that's covered for, and really the best games to date, though I prefer Emerald just because I like the 3rd Gen of Pokemon more, Contests are cool and I prefer Hoenn. It's bias there rather than actual critical 'betterness'.
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User Info: NegaZelda

4 years ago#8
Didn't like: Battle Subway, Alder, Crasher Wake's cameo, post-game level hikes or the com mons that had them, Pokestar Studios, Musicals, some Pokemon designs (particularly Rufflet line, Tynamo line or Sewaddle line) and the constant GTS bs (like Negotiations being full of greedy asses).

Otherwise, everything else was A-OK, though Dream World could've been implemented slightly better.
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User Info: TranquilSea

4 years ago#9
- reusable TMs!
- the region; it's freaking huge.
- refined gameplay mechanics, especially what B2/W2 introduced (move items, free space, etc.)
- new exp system and Audinos
- Black City/White Forest in B2/W2
- Join Avenue
- Pokestar Studios

- Dream World and its awful mini games
- Musicals
- Battle Subway; lack of post-game in B/W
- no ribbons
- no gym leader rematches for exp and money
- no VS Seeker
- no auto-run
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User Info: RayCRP

4 years ago#10
Trading from boxes.
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