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Things you liked/hated about Generation 5 (B/W/B2/W2)

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User Info: JoJoX200

4 years ago#11
What I liked:

- The pokemon. Gen 5, along with Gen 3 holds the record of having lots of pokemon I really like. Gen 1 is close behind tough.

- the updates to the battle system, including animated sprites, camera perspectives and rotation battles(which are my favorite mode).

- Actually interesting story line in BW1. BW2 was closer to the standard, but included likeable(to me) characters in Colress and rival Hugh.

- PWT as a really fun postgame activity. Mostly due to the fact that it's the only place to regularly have rotation battles(random wifi is basically dead in that mode).

- Join Avenue as a place to EV your pokemon and to make DW a it more enjoyable(I like finding DW friends in my join avenue)

What I disliked:

- The starters being outclassed by other obtainable pokemon pretty easily. I never noticed that issue as much as in Gen 5. I actually like their designs tough.

- Dreamworld. Way to make the game overly exhausting by making berries and certain abilities unavailable during normal play. Except for two minigames, DW isn't even fun.

- Tutorials being unskippable. I know how to catch pokemon, thank you very much.

That's it actually

User Info: FryDays5000

4 years ago#12
-Added stuff to the PC in B2W2(why didn't they do that in 1? Seriously 2 is making 1 look like a waste of money)
-Improved battle speed
-Join Avenue
-Majority of the pokemon added
-Added stuff to make shiny breeding easier in B2W2
-Medal Rally(tedious but fun for people who want a hardcore challenge)

-Too many Japan-exclusive events that had nothing to do with their local Pokemon-Centers. And I don't think were getting the shiny Genesect either
-Godawful anime
-No wifi Entralink or Multi Subway

Thats all I can think for the cons. Most of them is just GF being selfish to the other countries lol
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User Info: milkevoli

4 years ago#13
dingle rumpus

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#14
What I liked:
+ Over 150 new Pokemon, almost none of which I really dislike.
+ The Gyms looked neat and were fun to navigate.
+ Team Plasma's battle theme.
+ Everything about Skyarrow Bridge.
+ Reusable TMs.
+ The ability to move items directly from one party Pokemon to another.

What I disliked:
- More ****ing dragons.
- More ****ing plot-important dragons.
- Day Care is off-limits until beating the game in B2W2.
- Training to higher levels is annoying and more tedious than necessary.
- The region being so linear in BW (B2W2 was better, though).
- Dream World locks you out from finding any more Pokemon or items after some arbitrary number of visits on the same day.
- The "lost item" sidequest in B2W2. More specifically, that it won't let me meet Yancy just because I'm a girl.
- Croagunk is in the regional Pokedex in B2W2 even though I can't actually catch one before beating the game -__-
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#15
GTS negotiations
The Dream World
Heart scales aren't next to impossible to get thanks to join avenue
B2W2 in general
Shiny gible/Dratini (I wish I could get shiny dragonite in B2 though...)
Animated sprites
More differences between versions that isn't different wild pokemon
The ability to use DSi/3DS wifi

The pokemon designs. Oh my f***ing arceus, the pokemon designs.
Removal of awesome features (Autorun, Pokeathlon, Following pokemon, VS seeker)
Not being able to get any past gen pokemon until Postgame in BW1, having it force you to use its crappy pokemon
Dream radar (Wouldn't be a problem if it was free...)
The Fire and Psychic types. I'm looking at YOU, Darumaka and Swoobat.
Too many event legendaries
No fixing of the curse of the level 9 zekroms
Team plasmoron
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User Info: mada7

4 years ago#16
I loved gen 5 so this is going to be a lot more likes than dislikes:

No old pokemon until post game (was so burned out on oddish)
Increased number of bug, ghost, and dark type pokemon
Team plasma music was great
High level elite 4 post game
Basically no required HM use
New unique type combinations
N was a great villain
Gym leaders that actually were relevant to the plot of the game
Actually having a plot
Team Plasma not just being a bunch of evil people because someone has to be evil
Good type variety
Only one wandering legendary pokemon per game
Wandering pokemon moves in a somewhat predictable pattern and is easy to tell if in the area
Impossible to get lost while playing
Pokémon centre and mart being in the same building
Battle subway

Only one save file
Pokemon musicals
No autorun
Only being able to trade after beating the first gym
Not being able to fish until post game
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User Info: jkohnke94

4 years ago#17

Improved battle speed
Improved learnsets
Reusable TMs
Less use of TMs in the overworld
Random online battles
Tons of post game content
Shinies available in game
New evolution techniques
Dark/rustling grass
High level wild Pokemon
Join Avenue


The starters, all of them
The event legendaries
The dream world
Hidden grottoes
Linearity (BW1)
Pokestar Studios
Certain Pokemon designs (The kami trio, vanillite)
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